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  • miseryloveselders

    Darth Plaugeis, I'm slow LOL, it took me a second to see the irony in your post.

    Elderlite I'll definately check those out. I'm at work right now, but was planning on going to the book store tonight anyway, so I'll probably pick something up. I'll let you know what I got when I do it.

  • 144001
    144001, And what PRAY TELL does the org get out of all those field service slips being turned in? The last time I checked I had to pay them NOTHING. So what is your gripe? It does accurately record the people ACTUALLY doing the preaching work does it not? I don´t see any hours for other religions. -- Bane


    Thank you for your polite response. To answer your question, the field service slips are crucial to the control exerted by the Watchtower Corporation over those who choose to be Jehovah's Witnesses. Reported field service activity that is deemed "inadequate" by the elders, applying the standards imposed upon them by management of the Watchtower corporations, results in a "shepherding call" from the elders, who utilize pressure to coerce those subjected to such calls to increase their field service activity. At a macro level, management of the Watchtower corporations utlize the aggregate totals reported on such field service reporting slips to determine the nature of policy, including marketing efforts that will be used to increase membership and corresponding revenues in areas deemed to be under-performing.

    You are correct in noting that you "don't see any hours for other religions." That's because controlling parishioners and coercing them to perform as uncompensated marketing representatives for their corporate entities is not among the objectives of "other religions." Indeed, the Watchtower corporations should serve as a model for other individuals and entities who seek to exploit others for monetary gain under the guise of religion. The Watchtower has perfected its business model over the years and is an incredible, money-making machine!

  • BANE

    Um no....I have NEVER contributed money to them outside of $20 maybe 3 times in my 16 years. I have never been ASKED for money. Didn´t Jesus DEMAND for people to do field service? To MAKE DISCIPLES?? You act like it´s just the org that said it. Jesus said to do it ALL the days until the conclusion of the system of things. It´s not about gaining new members but about saving lives. Or do you NOT believe the Bible anymore either? Didn´t Paul go out into the nations and witness? Was he getting a paycheck? How about Jesus? Was he punching a clock and then getting paid by an organization? No?

    The Elders want to see your time SOLELY to help you be more spirtual. They have never asked me for a dime if my field service was low. The magazines are free. Have been for years. I can go to the literature counter and ask for whatever I want and have to pay NOTHING! Try doing that in a ¨christian¨book store!! They would call the cops if you took literature thinking it was free. I personally went to an Episopal church for a funeral years ago. They had Bibles for sale at astronomical prices. So give me a break ok?

    Aín´t nothing but LOVE at the congregation of Jehovah´s witnesses.

  • wobble

    Dear Bane,

    I have to confess this is the only post of yours that I have read so far, but I have to ask, ......... are you for real ?

    Or is your persona a rich satire on the ignorant, mind-controlled, non-thinking of the average Jehovah's Witness ?

  • palmtree67

    BANE: "Ain't nothing but LOVE at the congregation of Jehovah's witnesses"

    Oh, really???

    Myself and the city police would beg to differ with you. I'm pretty sure the crown prosecutor would, too.

  • Twitch
    Aín´t nothing but LOVE at the congregation of Jehovah´s witnesses.




    Do some research before you make another stupid post..

    Contributions are asked for from both the Kingdom Hall Stage and the Assembly stage..

    Any Kingdom Hall that does not pay it`s WBT$ Literature bill..

    Will eventually not recieve WBT$ Literature,until the WBT$ bill is paid..

    Nothing is Free in Watchtower World..Jehovah`s Witness`s pay for everything..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • BANE

    Wobble, I am for real. LIVE in technicolor!

    Palmtree, For all I know, YOU wrote those letters. BUT if you didn´t...Didn´t Judas turn against Jesus? Did that make Jesus and JEhovah wrong? Did it make the apostles wrong? Did it make Jehovah´s heavenly organization evil? Certainly not. IF this happened as you say the organization is not evil. They could have just been a Judas.

    You shouldn´t leave the organization because of a few bad apples.

  • Twitch
    You shouldn´t leave the organization because of a few bad apples.

    I thought there was nothing but love in the organization?


  • BANE

    You would have responded the exact same way in Jesus day wouldn´t you Twitch? You would have laughed at Jesus because Judas was bad. HAHA at you! Stop demanding perfection. In the ORGANIZATION there is nothing but love. I STAND by my original statement. I am glad you are not in it though. YOU are one of the bad apples.

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