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  • palmtree67

    Mad Dawg:

    1. 473

    2. In a chocolate bar

    3. Because of gravity.

    4. Mount Everest.

    There, I answered your questions, too. Come follow me.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane said:

    Just like circumcision in the first century. It WAS allowed at one time right? Then the older men and apostles received holy spirit that it wasn´t anymore.

    My reply: Circumcision was no longer allowed????

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Bane, I am not an apostate. Anyone who has read my posts knows that. It is sad that you mock me when you know nothing of me. Then complain that others will mock you. I asked honest questions looking for honest answers. If everything in the WT's from more than 50 years ago is false, then isn't it safe to assume that 50 years from now everything accepted today as true will then be false? After all, if it was false in 2009, then it was false in 1909.

  • Champion

    I was just out to dinner with my brother and his wife(both ex jw's) and another couple(both ex jws). The husband of the other couple said it was my brothers comment years and years ago that kept repeating in his mind. My brother said"why do we have to report time to God, doesn't he know evrything"?

  • BANE

    Really Maddog, Are you sure? You say here that the NIV which leaves out God´s name altogether is better than the new world translation.

    If that is not apostate thinking, what is? You are questioning the old WTs aren´t you? Trying to hold the org to them no? You KNOW about new light don´t you? Then you encourage someone who is DFed to mock some of our fellow sisters. Is that not apostate thinking? Then you imply that all witnesses have had lobotomies? You really don´t know the answer to this one so you ask a bunch of apostates? Why not ask your Elders IF you go to the hall? SURE you are not an apostate. You even call them Dubs here and mock the great crowd´s standing... And THIS says it all. You openly mock Jehovah and the org

    You ARE an apostate. I just proved it to you by your past comments. Freaking liars around here. Snakey apostates that PRETEND to be something that they are not.



    Give it a break..

    Hangin out with JW`s..Doesn`t make you a JW..

    No matter how many times you tap your Ruby Red Slippers..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • isaacaustin

    Good evening Bane!! How are you liking it at

  • cattails
    It doesn´t say to wear suits, have TV´s, have internet in the Bible yet ALL of you do right? But you gripe about time being handed in?

    BANE, you ignorant troll! It's not about having things.

    It's about other people telling you that you need to do

    something or else you're discounted as being a Spiritual


    You're such a troll! Go back home under the Brooklyn

    bridge you crawled out of! You know DUMBO, your home

    headquarters. Although it seems your Momma is leaving

    home soon, that ignorant slut, spiritually speaking found

    some good dirt upstate in Warwick. Where's that in the


  • BANE

    Cat, It´s NOT in the bible to move to upstate. So what? It is also NOT in the Bible to watch TV. Again, so what? You obviously didn´t learn from the Bible at ALL! The Israelites HAD to be obediant to Moses. Right? Hebrews says to be obediant to those taking the lead among you. INCLUDING turning in time. What is the problem with that? I know my hand cramps up severely when I have to write 20 hours every month...Yeah...You have every right to complain about something SO strenuous.....

    1 Timothy 3 talks about certain qualifications we ALL must have. It says to be qualified to teach. HOW do the older men view someone being qualified to teach? Field service and giving talks. That is the only way to do it.

    So It IS Biblical fool.

  • mrsjones5

    Keep on bashing your computer BANE. Ain't gonna make a bit of difference here.

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