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  • steve2

    Bane, there are many sins; lying is only one. I agree that making up hours of preaching islying. So, good on you for drawing attention to that sin.

    However, another sin is failing to confess sins such as frequenting an apostate site whilst claiming to be in good standing with the organization.

    Put your self-righteous money where your mouth is and confess your sin to your local body of elders. That would have the virtue of making you seem less like a hypocrite.

  • mrsjones5

    You say you were banned by the JW´s right?

    Who are you talking to? I've was never banned from the wt, I left. And since I was never baptised as a jw I can't be touched.

  • cskyjw.sun

    i did report zero hour, they let me go because i said i am suffering from mental depression

  • Palimpsest

    Has anyone simply stated, "I have not been in service this month"? Do they eventually stop calling?

    What's your experience with this part of fading.

    I just stopped submitting and didn't return their phone calls. Worked just fine for me. My stance is that I don't owe them anything, so why go out of my way to cater to them and their needs?

    And really, if they're so desperate to add a few more hours to their report, they can get off their asses and do some work themselves. I never knew a single elder who was active in service beyond their bare minimum requirement, yet they get so huffy about making sure everyone else is laboring? It's pathetic.

    i did report zero hour, they let me go because i said i am suffering from mental depression

    Easily one of the best excuses to use for anyone fading, though it's terrible that it's usually true in most cases. I got a lot of "exemptions" because of that, and I know it's the main reason why they've generally left me alone these past few years.

    That many here are SO scared about it, like little girls.

    Ahh, WT misogyny, how I've missed you...

  • Quillsky

    It seems that you still haven't had time to Google the word apologist, Bane. I know, folks here have been keeping you busy, so I hope I can help.

    It's not an "apostate JW" word by any means. It's simply an English word that refers to someone who defends an idea or a school of thought or a philosophy or a doctrine.

    In fact, I believe it's often, but by no means exclusively, associated with writings termed "Christian apologetics", which was the defense of Christianity back in the centuries when Christianity was still a minority religion.

    On this site it usually refers to people who defend the doctrines, lifestyles, teachings, culture and principles of Jehovah's Witnesses. There is nothing intrinsically judgmental about calling someone an apologist, but on this site you may have noticed that JW apologists are in the minority.

    What other terms were you having problems with? I haven't followed all the threads you've posted on so I'm not sure if these have been answered

    "Dub" or "Dubbie" is short for JW (the W part, like George W Bush was nicknamed "Dubya".) That's not an "apostate" term - even when I was a Dub we called ourselves Dubs for short.

    R&F Witness means "rank & file" - ordinary Witnesses as opposed to the policy-makers in Brooklyn.

    The only thing I can't share with you is the secret apostate handshake. You have to drink three beers and then exchange blood with an apostate at an apostafest before that can be revealed to you.

  • Quillsky

    By the way, Bane, you have complained a number of times about being banned, including in your very first post. Since that post is clearly marked 1, it doesn't add up.

    If you were banned under another name, would you please share that name with us, or else shut up about your banning?

  • mrsjones5

    Bane was banned under the name Bane. He made a comment about how he hates it here and a few other things and he was granted his wish and got banned. Now he's back pulling the same crap. It's only a matter of time.

  • BANE

    Mrsjones, I have no doubt I will be banned again. Apostates like to talk garbage but when presented with actual facts they tuck tail and run and then ban the truth. They ban a true christian and then mock them. And you guys say witnesses are bad? PUhlease!

    Quillsky, Why do you call us Dubs. I still don´t get it. Do witnesses have a pet name for apostates? Do they mock you and ridicule you? Hmm....Beginning to see who the true Christians are here now. Witnesses show nothing but love and attention and you pay them with scorn.

  • Palimpsest

    Do witnesses have a pet name for apostates?

    "Pagans" would be a good place to start. Goat and wolf comparisons are also always fun.

    Do they mock you and ridicule you?

    Constantly. Ever seen a convention drama? Read the YPA book? Seen a picture of an "apostate" in any publication? Sat through a JC? Sat through a TMS meeting after sitting through a JC and hearing your name announced for your "sins"?

    In any case, it's fantastic to see an active Witness on an apostate board, especially when they are specifically banned by the Witnesses! You're breaking your own rules and using your own mind -- I applaud you for it. :)

  • mrsjones5

    Mrsjones, I have no doubt I will be banned again.

    But apparently you didn't understand why you were banned the first time.

    Bane, if you came here for a different purpose other that to fight and cast stones you might be received better here. But I get it, you didn't come here to make friends and understand why folks come here.

    You, Bane, currently personify all the nastiness, meanness, arrogance, laziness, and downright ignorance of all the trolls that come here.

    You come here to feed and get fat on self-rightousness as all trolls do.

    You're one sad little man and I haven't even touched on you being a jw because at this moment it doesn't even matter.

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