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    Bane, just a reminder:

    you are at


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    Your response reveals your ignorance. You assume Moses is the key. You assume the "ones taking the lead" are the key. Your'e the fool. Keep your eye simple and see that it is obedience to God regardless of who is taking the lead. The most important relationship you keep missing is the one that involves God and man directly through the sole mediator, Jesus Christ. Until you realize this, there is no hope or future in you because your apparent ignorance leads you to darkness and death not the enlightenment and life you believe you have in your grasp currently.

    Understand BANE, there is nothing you can do physically that will provide you one single benefit to your spiritual well-being. Not field service, not time keeping, not elder position, not even the ritualistic meeting attendance. It is how you treat those you hate and regard as worthless that gains treasures in heaven. If the system of belief you rely on is not complete, then it is NOT a true reflection of how God wants us to treat one another. The Watchtower fails this test because they claim they are the truth but still change and adjust for new light. Is kindness new light? Is meekness new light? Is long-suffering new light? Nope. Its worked for years and obtains the same positive results for the giver and receiver.

    These are the perfect gifts God has given mankind which have served mankind for years. These simple truths are also what Jesus promoted. Not an authoritative system of human governance that counts by hour the activities of its members.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    Bane said:

    Really Maddog, Are you sure?

    Indeed, I am sure. If you hadn’t cherry picked my posts to make a point, you would understand.

    If that is not apostate thinking, what is? You are questioning the old WTs aren´t you? Trying to hold the org to them no? You KNOW about new light don´t you?

    I do believe the foundation of the faith is relavent today. Actually, I don’t know about new light. The term makes no sense. Does light get stale? Then you encourage someone who is DFed to mock some of our fellow sisters. Is that not apostate thinking?

    Does Jehovah excuse boorish behaviour? Do you find this kind of behaviour acceptable? Then you imply that all witnesses have had lobotomies?

    A tounge in cheek comment. One thing I can say for Catholics is they at least have a sense of humor about themselves. You really don´t know the answer to this one so you ask a bunch of apostates? Why not ask your Elders IF you go to the hall?

    You are getting close to the answer regarding wether or not I am an apostate. I really don’t know the answer to this. Any Dubs that come to my door won’t answer my questions. They always say, “I’ll have to come back with an answer.” And when they come back, they talk in circles. Was Blondies answer incorrect? Frankly, I have never seen the inside of a Kingdom Hall (think about that for a bit). SURE you are not an apostate. You even call them Dubs here and mock the great crowd´s standing...

    You are way off base here. Don’t Dubs call each other “Dubs”? My question was not to mock. It is a question that I sincerely wonder about. If Jehovah loves me so much, why doesn’t He want me with Him? And THIS says it all. You openly mock Jehovah and the org

    Are you saying that if the next WT says that the 144k is only a figurative number, that you won’t be grateful for it?

    You ARE an apostate. I just proved it to you by your past comments. Freaking liars around here. Snakey apostates that PRETEND to be something that they are not.

    Not so fast, you are missing an improtant ingredient here. If you read my posts you might pick up on it.

    BTW, older men will know if someone has the ability to teach by observing them…. TEACH! The numbers on a slip may point to quantity, but not quality.

  • BANE

    DJ, So the Israelites could DISOBEY Moses so long as they were good people that showed kindness? Yeah right. If Christians were not obediant to Paul as LONG as they were long suffering it was ok then? Obediance to God is key but SO IS obediance to the older men taking the lead in these modern times SO long as what they say goes along with the bible. I am SURE it was strange for the Israelites to go to the red sea with no possibility of escape. Ones that thought they knew best and didn´t go most likely were killed by Pharoah´s forces. Obediance to Moses was MANDATORY by Jehovah´s standards.

    Just being kind etc. with a relationship with God is not what the Bible teaches. You have to be obediant to his organization too.

    Go ahead and GO your own way. We will see who is right in the end.

  • mrsjones5

    You have to be obediant to his organization too.

    Hm, no. The wt is not God's organisation. It's Satan's.

    Keep banging Bane.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Back on topic!

    I used to get this dreaded call for the last few months before we faded in earnest. I would tell the conductor that I had NO TIME to report, just simply stated with all the confidence I could muster! Thereafter I got a call from the PO, again asking for my time. I reiterated that I had already informed my book study conductor that there was NO TIME to report, this time with a bit more attitude. When they asked for the amount of time my very elderly in-law had put in, I advised that I wasn't quite sure and didn't want to make up a number on their behalf (since a bit of dementia was involved, even the time spent could not properly be counted IMHO). The brother said "Well - give me something! I need to fill in a NUMBER!" That was just one of the many occasions that the proverbial light-bulb went off in my head - these blokes were more interested in a NUMBER than in any meaningful information as to the witness' activity in the previous month. Heck, if it weren't for the NUMBERS, you wouldn't ever have heard from them! Maybe the best tack would be to tell them, sort of tongue in cheek, how happy you are to hear from them...make small talk, ask them how they've been, what's new in their life, etc. Keep them talking for as long as you can, then when they ask for the number, tell them ZERO! See how long the conversation lasts after that!

  • Borgdrone

    I noticed in our congregation the Elders were walking around trying to gather-up service reports for the month of June from their group members. The Elders don't use the FS report boxes any more. Its all about the numbers.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I think Bane is too intelligent to be a true JW. I'd bet my wife's virginity on the probability that he is an apostate, or at least a strong wannabee, who is doing all this posting to mock the typical rock-headed, under-informed, partially brain dead, kool-aid drinking Jehover - you know, one that can't even spell babtizm or amigaddon properly, but believes in both.

    From this point forward I intend to read everything he writes with that point of view. I think I may even come to enjoy and look forward to his over-the-top rants.

  • isaacaustin

    I actually like his posts and look forward to them. Iwish he could post more than 10 a day and can't wait till he can.


    I think Bane is too intelligent.....Juan Viejo2

    Compared to what?..

    Maybe a Pipe Wrench or a Toaster?..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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