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  • 144001
    144001, Was Moses paid? Was Jesus and the apostles paid? Oh yeah they weren´t. THINK before you talk please. -- Bane


    Did Moses, Jesus, or the apostles punch a time clock or prepare field service reporting slips, the results of which were tallied and reported to a multi-billion dollar corporation? I don't recall reading about that in the bible.

    RE: "THINK before you talk please," I didn't "talk," I typed. And this unwarranted, rude comment is indicative of a defensive posture. Does the real "truth" make you feel uncomfortable, Bane?

  • isaacaustin

    1 Tim 5

    17 The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. 18 For the Scripture says, “Do not muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain,” b and “The worker deserves his wages.” c

    Any other nonsense you want to share with us Bane?

  • BANE

    144001, And what PRAY TELL does the org get out of all those field service slips being turned in? The last time I checked I had to pay them NOTHING. So what is your gripe? It does accurately record the people ACTUALLY doing the preaching work does it not? I don´t see any hours for other religions.

    Issac, Fine scripture....So?

    Titus I am limited on posts I suppose because I am so dangerous here....So I will just edit this one. I have no idea why I was banned. Just a few days ago the site wouldn´t come up for me. It stayed like that for days until finally it did. I had to re register using the same name. Apparantly it was cleared. I am sure I will be again though. They never had a witness like me here before.

  • Titus

    BANE, why you were banned?

  • Quillsky

    Bane, I sure hope you aren't reporting your time on here as field service time, since you would never go to a door in the field and say to a householder:

    "You're retarded, you're such an idiot," and similar friendly things, as you do here in almost every post you make. If there is a Jehovah he would be downright ashamed of your behavior. (As would your mother, if she knew how you communicate here.)

  • BANE

    Really Quillsky? Yet WHAT did Jesus call the apostates of HIS day? Hmm.....Did he coddle them with love? You have HAD your Elders try and do that. You have refused by turning apostate. Jesus called the apostates of his day Vipers and Snakes. Whitewashed graves if you will. The modern day meaning would be YOU GUYS ARE RETARDED AND FLIPPIN IDIOTS!

    Blaming an organization that has shown nothing but love to you and sacrificed their time to teach you lunkheads is deplorable.

    To an INNOCENT householder, No I wouldn´t say that. But if I found a burro headed apostate at the door with his swarmy ways talking about new light on generation? You darn tooting I would. I would put him in his place.

    So I will talk again in 24 hours if I am not deemed to much a threat to this apostateland wasteland you guys have going here. Or will I be banned this time again because the truth hurts? We will see won´t we?

  • crapola

    I still say Bane sounds like Alice. So simular!

  • Quillsky

    Meh. Alice writes better, doesn't use CAPS so much and doesn't use the word retarded in every second post.

  • Earnest

    My own experience was that while I enjoyed the field service I found, as a pioneer, that due to the requirement of 100 hours a month (as it then was) there were many times that I went out...not because I wanted to share the good news, but because I wouldn't meet the hours required if I didn't. This began to bother me and I eventually quit pioneering and stopped reporting altogether. When I changed congregations and was asked about my reports I explained that it bothered my conscience to do so as it changed something that was freely and happily given into a compulsion. The PO and Service Overseer discussed the matter with me and suggested they put on my card that I do not report service for reasons of conscience. I was more than happy with that and the subject has not been raised since.

    I quite accept that not all congregations will be so understanding but just offer this experience for what it is worth.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane, yes a fine scripture that dispelled your assertion.

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