A Seattle Police Officer Is Caught On Tape Hitting a 17-year An African American Teenager Girl

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  • purplesofa

    Having an angry black woman come at you violently is some dangerous shit. I can tell you from personal experience.


    Thanks for the laugh!

  • palmtree67

    There has to be respect for the uniform. I agree with serenity, more and more young people don't have respect. There's a sense of entitlement that younger ones seem to have these days.

    She may not have agreed with her friend getting arrested, but that can be addressed later on. You can't disrespect the uniform like she did.

    (Geez, I sound like I'm 80....."In my day, we respected authority, not like you young whipper-snappers now-a-days...")

  • BurnTheShips

    Purps it's the truth. I was an OK fighter in school, but I got my ass kicked by a black Amazon in middle school. Lesson: Even when dared, never grab an ass without permission! I could tell you more stories....


  • Scott77

    LOL Serenity, you don't sound very serene!


    I think, she is serene from WTS/JW mind corrupting influence. So she is now sounding tough, fair and reasonable - an indication that she is asserting herself by speaking out on issues important to her as opposed to staying quiet, docile in the Watchtower way of former life.

  • yknot
    Doesn't matter if it's a woman. Now she damn sure better know better. I fully support that officer and looks like he used the proper amount of force.

    She is not a woman...... she is legally a minor!

    A 'woman' by legal definition is 18 and is so for reasons regarding a person's presumed maturity.

    Would you still support this if she had been 15, 16?


    honestly the whole 'she backed off or she sure knows better now' crap is offensive.......

    Hell why not start advocating men to treat women this way for every sort of perceived 'threat'. Yea turns out that most of us will also 'back down and sure know better'.........it will be highly effective but does that mean it is a good idea!

    I am sorry but he couldn't handle himself he had a radio all he had to do was call for back up...... he chose not to and created a situation where he he lost control...... he is the adult and authority and she is a child by legal definition.

    If you don't like that fact than rally your state senators to lower the adult age to 16!

  • purplesofa

    I was wondering how that all came about.

    Thought you probably deserved it

    edited, that was for BTS

  • exwhyzee

    It's easy to look on and say what shoud or shouldn't have happened. Being a Police officer is a thankless job. Their hands are tied...they have to play by the rules while the bad guys out there have no rules at all and are free to do whatever they want day or night. Even so called good citizens,like children, resent authority on some level and are only too ready to criticize them, but are glad to see them comming when they themselves are in trouble. If this girl were the one in danger she would have had no problem with this officer doing what ever it took to keep her safe. I think if he were to do it again he probably would realize he may have been able to turn things around without a direct punch to the face but who can think that quickly in the heat of the moment? She could have had a knife up her sleeve for all he knew and if so it would have been "goodbye wife and kids" time for yet another officer. I'm sure he would have been happy to have just continued in his daily rounds but these girls apparently caused an incident and he was thrown into the position of dealing with it. Too bad the guy asking all the questions or the one videoing couldn't have stepped in to help if he was so concerned about the poor minor. People are outta control anymore and they need to learn to think twice before getting physical with an officer of the law !

  • purplesofa

    She is not a woman...... she is legally a minor!

    How was the officer supposed to know she was a minor?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Here is a longer version of the incident.

    Here is the Link: http://www.q13fox.com/videobeta/8043f486-7851-4911-b6bf-f663f62ab2e8/News/Police-Punc

    Think About It

  • beksbks

    Oh Scott!! I was teasing her! I think she got it.

    You have to respect the uniform, for more than one reason.

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