A Seattle Police Officer Is Caught On Tape Hitting a 17-year An African American Teenager Girl

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  • yknot

    Think About it...

    I am not saying the girls don't deserve to be punished (fees and a good scarying by a judge- maybe some juvy if priors exist)......

    The officer went too far and that violated the public's trust in him........

  • beksbks

    As far as I can see, everyone involved was wrong on some level. Even the stupid bystanders pushing thier cameras in the cops face.

  • Titus
  • serenitynow!

    "jay walking arrest..... really?"

    yknot, I doubt it started that way. The girls probably mouthed off to the officer in the first place. Not to sound old, but these kids today let me tell you. Kids have no respect for anyone anymore. I think that to reduce this to a black/white issue is wrong. I have had incidents with officers where I felt that the way that I was treated was racially motivated, but there is simply a way that a person is supposed to conduct him/herself in society. Like it or not, that officer is the law. You follow the law, show respect for the officer i.e., don't approach him menacingly, or you face the consequences.

    And let's please stop acting like this girl was 8 years old. She is darn near a grown woman; old enough to know better, and if her big tail was approaching me like that, I'd hit her with whatever was handy.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    The officer did the right thing, because she quit interferring after he did it! He used the proper amount of force to get control of the situation.

    Think About It

  • tenyearsafter

    Hi Ynot and beks...I enjoy both yours and beks comments, but I am perplexed why you would state that many police wives suffer brutality at home? I don't doubt that domestic violence occurs with police families (as it does in all walks of life), but I would say that the punishment is much harsher for cops caught in domestic violence than the average citizen. In California, if you are convicted for felony domestic violence, you can't carry a gun and thus can't work as a cop. The bad apples get weeded out quickly.

    I am not defending the way the officer handled the situation, especially if it was a very minor violation, but to think women can not be as violent as men or injure a man is being unrealistic. I have seen some very ugly fights involving women, and the men didn't always come out in good shape. I don't think that you can say the officer has a history of not hesitating just because he reacted to a threat. Again, things happen in a blink of an eye...I'm sure in retrospect the officer would have preferred that the situation had unfolded differently, but that doesn't mean he has to abdicate his right to defend himself against injury. Cops aren't trained to be injured...they are trained to protect themselves and use what force is necessary to control the situation. His judgement may have been flawed, but his reaction was within his right to defend himself.

  • yknot

    I was pretty naive at 17 ........and legally a minor.

    I don't care if she mouthed off to him....

    He is suppose to be a trained professional who is capable of handling crap like that as it comes along with the job!

    Why didn't he call for 'back-up'...... oh yea cuz he's big boy who knows how to punch a gal!

    I don't think it was completely a black/white thing but I do think it filters into the mix.

    Again he threw that punch pretty damn easily, he didn't hold back, he had intention behind it, he knew she would 'back down' so I feel it is safe to say he probably has clocked a girl before...... once men know it gets results they tend to use such actions more readily, regardless of he long-term psychological damage it does in the end.

  • beksbks
    She is darn near a grown woman; old enough to know better, and if her big tail was approaching me like that, I'd hit her with whatever was handy.

    LOL, I was thinking something similar. I still think the cop was a bit overzealous, but .........

    Serenity, did you have another name at some point? You seem familiar.

  • purplesofa

    reminds me of this video that has 2.9 million views.

    Go Skateboarding Day in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

    Kids arrested for skateboarding.

    While the town was in an uproar about this,

    the kids were not supposed to be skateboarding where they were.

    It ruts up the concrete and I suppose a hassle for pedestrians.

    The city ruled in favor of the cop.


  • beksbks

    Hey Ten. I'm on the fence here. I don't know anything about any wife beating cops.

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