NEW GENERATION DEFINED -- April 15, 2010 Watchtower

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  • isaacaustin

    It looks like they are trying to create urgency, as the reader will think, and it will be taught but not written, that they are 2 overlapping generations and the 2nd gneration is aging...yet when it fails they will say that 'some of Jehovah's people have speculated that this could only last 2 generations...' while referring back to this article and pointing out that they always taught that it was the 1914 crew and other annointed, indicating a possible multiple overlapping.

  • minimus

    OTWO, I LOVE your example and I agree that you may have given them another new angle to try to explain the current bullsh*t.

  • isaacaustin

    TYA I will post his reply as soon as I get it. I would not expect it today unfortunately.

  • neverendingjourney


    As I referred to in my prior post on this topic, what happens when the number of anointed who have existed throughout the WT's history exceeds 144,000? If they keep adding "new" anointed every year, eventually it will be evident that more than 144k anointed have existed throughout WT history. Therefore, the overlapping anointed doctrine will not be able to save them forever unless they scrap 144k as a literal number or imply that many of the anointed were illegitimate.

  • Magwitch

    My parents are going to be so excited about this advancing lite. I can see my old father getting teary eyed and saying how loving Jehovah's faithful and discreet slave are to keep advancing us this spirtual knowledge

  • peacedog

    Magwitch, I was thinking the same thing about my parents. So sad........ :(

  • isaacaustin

    neverendingjourney, I am curious how they will handle that. For now I think they will ignore it. Perhaps they would allow all members to partake, thus not publish any number?? All the time stressing the role of the GB yet diminishing the status of the annointed, while extolling paradise earth? They are not in a position to having all members think they go to heaven.

  • oompa

    zoiks: "My COBE cryptically referred to this upcoming change while meeting with me a few months back. Obviously the news from the annual meeting had reached him. He referred to as a "really exciting and wonderful" new understanding that proves how close to the end we are."

    just curious how the hell this could be construed that we are close to the end? me it means way further there are ZERO scriptures in the bible to indicate where we are in the stream of time since there is zero indication of just how long the last days could last...which is why somebody back in the bible actually said "nobody knows the day or the hour".........DUH!!

    so how the fluck can ANY group CALIM the end is near, close, very near, very very near, imminent!......insane!!!

    Remember my own original joke i thought of at a meeting: Do you know why they are called the last days?.....Cause they last, and last, and last.....


  • Heaven

    And when one has ever 'advancing light'.... it just keeps one running in the darkness to keep up.

  • shamus100

    GB, you scum, you all better hide under the tables with fear and trembling. Cause if Jesus is near the doors, he is going to sling those doors open like Clint Eastwood walking into a saloon.

    There is gonna be a helluva bar fight when he returns.

    Oh give me a break... Cameo D, you're not nuts are you?

    Anyhoo, l don't think this was at all unexpected. Everyone saw this coming sixty - five miles away...

    Remember, these are the same people that brought you miracle wheat and dates from all over the place all phophesyed from a drunk. And of course they gobble it up - we are talking about dubs, people. They don't want to know the truth because 'the truth' is all they have.

    Truly truly pathetic.

    I've written off 99 percent of the people in 'the truth'. Until they want to change, they never ever will.

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