Dearest pjschipper...

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    How can you say only the annointed have spirit?

    Good Question..


    The WBT$ says So!!..

    Do you think you have the Right,to Question the WBT$?

    No one Questions the WBT$,in Watchtower World!!


  • mrsjones5

    I've got spirit, yes I do

    I've got spirit, how 'bout you!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    pjschipper, the splinter groups are in fulfillment of scripture and I can show you where to go:

    Please please please watch this.

    Same shit, different cult.

  • parakeet

    chipper, will I receive the holy spirit if I read the Bible with spirits, such as a few fingers of Johnny Walker Blue, neat?

    I've read parts of the Bible since leaving the dubs. Never received any spirits, holy or otherwise, so I had to provide my own.

    Maybe you should try it sometime. It will make "studying" the WT much easier, I guarantee.

  • Spook

    They have exposed man made content about the bible and they have substituted new man made content. The bible has relatively little consensus on what the authors believed.

    It is not true that the bible authors all clearly believed Jesus was part of a trinity...

    It is also not true that they believed some people were going to heaven and some would live on earth...

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I still see it as Jesus leading the brotherhood earth wide, out of false religion.

    And what makes you think that the WTS. is not impart of false religion if you now have all of the evidence right before you ?

    besides all of the proclamations made by the WTS. , this particular publishing house.

  • mrsjones5

    "jones5, it's about time you got the spirit."

    Wasn't talking about the Holy Spirit. Just a little ditty that came to mind.

    And that's Mrsjones to you Pjs

  • megs
  • Farkel

    Shelby asked this SIMPLE question in TWO threads:

    :"... Jesus has an arrangement..."

    :There I asked... and I do so here, as wel... would you be kind enough to tell me (1) what that arrangement is, specifically, and (2) the basis for such arrangement? And please note that I am meaning the basis as set forth by Christ himself, or at least where it [this usually means the Bible] says HE says it's his arrangement, or that anyone [in the Bible] says it's his arrangement, but not counting, please, the WTBTS basis... unless it's in the Bible.

    pjschipper masturbated with word blather and WT quotes. No answer to question. Just "replies" to question.




    Jesus wept.

    Farkel laughed.




    I talked (PM`s) to Shelby a little while ago..

    She`s preparing her next post for this thread

    I know..You and I are going to enjoy this..LOL!!


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