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  • AGuest

    May you have peace! Because you have not made any responsive comment in issues where I have adressed you, I am thinking that perhaps we should take this particular issue to its own thread, if you will accommodate me. In the thread entitled, "Are We Following Men?" you state:

    "... Jesus has an arrangement..."

    There I asked... and I do so here, as wel... would you be kind enough to tell me (1) what that arrangement is, specifically, and (2) the basis for such arrangement? And please note that I am meaning the basis as set forth by Christ himself, or at least where it [this usually means the Bible] says HE says it's his arrangement, or that anyone [in the Bible] says it's his arrangement, but not counting, please, the WTBTS basis... unless it's in the Bible.

    Please note... I am not a Bible-advocate, per se; however, I do understand that there are many who still put their faith in it as God's "word" and so need to see things in writing. For me, all I need to know is that it is from the Holy Spirit. Since the WTBTS literally denies direct communication with, and direct direction by, the Holy Spirit... and teaches that God speaks to us through a book... rather than through His Son... I will accept substantiation from the Bible, if you can provide it.

    Again, I am not trying to be contentious, argumentative, or disagreeable. I am asking from the same place of sincerity as you because my life could be involved. So, if you would accommodate me, I would greatly appreciate it. Therefore, show me, please? Thank you!

    Any other practicing Witnesses should feel free to respond as well. I welcome your comments/input.

    Your servant and, perhaps, fellow (?) slave of Christ,


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know you are all chomping at the bit to jump on board this one but wow wouldn't it be interesting to just sit back with the popcorn and watch?


    "It is evident in the scriptures that there would be appointments for different services.

    It also states where two or more are gathered together, there my spirit would be also.."

    .......2 isn`t an organization.......That must be why you can`t find the word "Organization in the Bible..

    "We also would be overturning strongly intrenched things.(False teachings)"

    .......Like Armageddon By 1975..


    The Generation of 1914 Will Not pass Away..

    "Paul said: not to forsake our gathering together, all the more so as you see the day drawing near. (The end of this system)"

    .......The WBT$ frowns on any Non-WBT$ Activities..

    ..Gathering together,is more than 5 WBT$ Sales Meetings a week..

    ..Or peddling the future WBT$ Obsolete Truths..

    "The angels are seperating the wheat from the chaff, the wheat he would collect into his store house.

    Or collecting his faithful servants on earth together"

    ......Bethelites are being tossed out left and right..

    Forced by the WBT$ to fend for themselves,after years of service..

    "Wheat being those who have been enlightened, following Jesus, let by true scriptural teachings.

    It has been a progressive spiritual leading by Jesus"

    .......The WBT$ claims to be the mediator,between man and God with the exception of the 144,000..

    ..The WBT$ fired Jesus and took his Job..

    ..If your the average JW..

    ..Your mediator is the WBT$..

    ..The WBT$ is your Jesus..

    " I"m sorry I did not answer you, I have been busy with other posts.

    And I am being subject to a lot of leading questions that I try to answer the best my brain can handle."

    .......I`m sure Shelby will forgive you..


  • AllTimeJeff

    My comment is simply that pjschipper answered as best he could.

    AGuest made some fair questions, and were not answered substantiatively with scripture.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Well pjs, the alternative, which is a fair place to explore, is that these falsities, regardless of their reason, contradicts the claim of the FDS that they are exclusively chosen by god.

    But I digress. This is between you and AGuest, and I apologize. Again, I think AGuest, in a most reasonable manner, asks some very fair and serious questions that merit a direct answer.



    Those are just some things to think about..

    Like Lady Lee..

    I am interested in your Debate with Shelby..


  • AllTimeJeff
    Most on this site, know what the scriptures say, but you have the right to ignore them.

    You have the resposibility to post scripture when it is demanded of you.

    I can't ignore what you don't post.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I direct your attention to who AGuest wished to talk to. Feel free to pass off your ignorance of scripture and WTBTS dogma to others if you want. But let the record show you were asked.

  • AllTimeJeff

    So JW's only share the bible with those that agree the bible is the authority? That wasn't my experience.

    So JW's only post scriptures when they are NOT ignored? That wasn't my experience. Hell, I went to Cameroon, not everyone believed in the bible there.

    So are you looking for reasons to "not defend your faith" as 1 Peter instructs you to do? (1 Peter 3:15)

  • dinah

    If someone does not believe the Bible, what then?

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