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    May you have both have peace!

    In light of this thread and dear pjschipper’s current conundrum (i.e., ARE we following men?) I am SO glad that Frankie received the message he/she did! To help make my Lord's message to you… and any others with “ears” to hear… CLEAR… I am to direct you to the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector recorded at Luke 18:9-14, which, in the NWT, states (and dear pjschipper, you might want to “pay more than the USUAL attention” here):

    “… he spoke this illustration also to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and who considered the rest as nothing: ‘Two men went up into the temple to pray, the one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood and began to pray these things to himself, ‘Oh God, I thank you I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, unrighteous, adulterers, or even as this tax collector. I fast twice a week, I give the tenth of all things I acquire.’ But the tax collector… standing at a distance… was not willing even to raise he eyes heavenward, but kept beating his breast, saying ‘O God, be gracious to me… a SINNER.’ I tell you, THIS man went down to HIS home PROVED more righteous… because everyone that exalts HIMSELF… will be humiliated, but he that humbles himself… will be exalted.”

    Do you see? First, the Pharisee believed he was righteous… better than all the others… because he kept the Law. And did you notice, he was praying to himself. Why? Because God wasn’t listening to him. Wait, what?! God wasn’t listening to a RIGHTEOUS person? Dear ones, hear and get the sense of my Lord’s words that, “I came to call, NOT righteous people… but sinners.” Matthew 9:9-13

    And so, the tax collector, who confessed he was sinner… and not out of some fake “I’m a sinner because we’re all sinners,” attempt to fool God, but truthfully, because he WAS a sinner… and so openly admitted it… to his own humiliation… proved to be MORE righteous than the Pharisee who kept the Law! Why? Because, as my Lord also said: “Persons in health do not need a physician, but the ailing do.”

    Dear, dear, dear pjschipper… may you also have peace… and may you hear and get the SENSE of it: you belong to an organization of people the majority of whom believe they are approved by God because they “don’t sin.” Because they “keep the Law.” Because they “practice righteousness.” Unfortunately, they entirely MISS the meaning of my Lord’s reason for coming… and for giving his life. Righteous people, dear one, have no need of salvation… because they can save themselves.

    I ask you, if our Lord was here in the flesh today, do you REALLY think you’d find him in a Kingdom Hall, among all those oh-so-righteous “Keepers of God’s Law”? Truly? I think you would find him at the nearest homeless shelter. Or perhaps a hospital. Some have said maybe even a bar (then, again, maybe we would find him at a district convention… you know, sitting next to one of the donation cones and seeing just what’s what…)

    Our Lord is the same dear one… yesterday… today… and forever. HE has not changed. And h is LIGHT has not changed. So that an organization that constantly has to change its teachings and doctrines… because what they prophesied… or what they projected… or what they taught… was WRONG… cannot be “from” him... and thus cannot be from God. May you hear… and get the sense of it.

    And may you hear the call of the Spirit and the Bride who, to this day, KEEP saying “Come! Take life’s water, holy spirit, FREE!” The “Door” to the Ark [of the Covenant], which Door is our Lord (John 10:7) has NOT been closed. He stands WIDE open… and waiting.

    I bid you peace… and ears to hear. If you wish them, all you need do… is ask. Psalm 40:6

    Your servant, both, and a slave of Christ,


  • AGuest

    to edit my post and correct the formatting. Unfortunately, it isn't working for me. So, it stands as is, in all its "bold" glory. This is the one time I have to ask folks to read between the lines. Or, rather, make some lines between the paragraphs, so's you can read 'em.


    SA, of the "stoopid computer, I hate you" class...



    Our faith is fed not only by words, but by example, by kindness and personal interest shown, by encouragement given, by acts of love.
    We have only one master and Lord Jesus, not an organization who
    wants to burden us with rules and laws they decide.

    Do my eyes decieve me?..

    Are you starting to understand,what Shelby is trying to tell you?


  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    it should be making rules that are not bible based

    I have not come to the understanding that a faithful and discreet slave is not one class of annointed members it is all christians.

    We have only one master and Lord Jesus, not an organization who wants to burden us with rules and laws they decide. The churchs since the establishment of the first one has left this importand teaching that Jesus gave us.

    I had to read your last post twice to make sure I understood what you were saying. You don't seem to agree with the organization in this instance. You believe that all christians are faithful and discreet slaves?

    From the Watchtower 2003 11/1 20


    Those who make up the "faithful and discreet slave"—who are they? They are the anointed remnant of Jehovah’s dedicated servants.
  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Shelby I've read your posts on this board for over 7 years. I envy your faith and peace of mind. I wish I could feel as you do. Maybe in the next life.

    Of all the people I've met online you are one of the most genuine. And I've never met you.

    Be well,


  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    Dear one, I don't have anything that you can't have... now. Faith... and peace [of mind] are "fruits" of God's spirit. All one need do is ask... in FAITH... and one shall receive (Luke 11:13; John 14:27). Don't quite know how? Perhaps the following words to my Lord from a man who wanted his son to be healed will help:

    "... ‘if you can, have pity on us and help us.’ Jaheshua said to him, 'That expression, "If you can"! Why ALL things can be done to one... IF one has faith.' Immediately crying out, the father of the young child was saying, "I HAVE faith! Help my LACK of faith!'" Mark 9:22-24 (see, ftn., NWT Ref. Bible).

    What was the man asking? Well, he knew he had SOME faith... but understood that he didn't have enough for his son to be healed. So, he was simply asking for our Lord to make up his deficit.

    And what IS faith, exactly? It is... "the ASSURED EXPECTATION... OF THE THING HOPED FOR" (in this case, the "thing" hoped for is more faith)... i.e., actual substantiation of what one is hoping for... "theEVIDENT DEMONSTRATION... of REALITIES"... i.e., something that is real... because there is evidence to show it... "THOUGH NOT BEHELD"... i.e., though NOT [yet or necessarily] seen with the eyes. Hebrews 11:1

    In essence, you KNOW what you are "hoping" for will occur:

    · You KNOW there is to be a worldwide flood... although you've never seen it rain hard enough to cause such an event… and so you go ahead and build an ark.

    · You KNOW you can leave your hometown and go off to an "only God-knows-where" land He promised you... although you've never seen it… and so you go.

    · You KNOW you can face Pharaoh and tell him to let God's people go... and that your rod WILL turn into a snake and devour the others... and that plagues WILL come... although you've never seen either happen before… and so you go confront Pharaoh.

    · You KNOW your wife can have a child… even though she’s 90 and you’re over 100 and you’ve never had a child with her before… and so you go and have sex with her.

    · You KNOW you can come on an international internet forum... before God and everyone… and speak of things of which you have absolutely NO knowledge of your own… things you've never heard before yourself... things you’ve never seen "written”… and so you go and say them anyway…

    … because you have FAITH that the One who is telling you these things IS who he says he is, the Holy One of Israel... and that what HE says IS TRUE (Proverbs 8:4-9). You KNOW that what you hope for (in my case, back up for what I am given to share if and when necessary) will occur… because you have FAITH in the One TELLING you to build the Ark, leave your home, face Pharaoh, impregnate your wife… and speak what he gives you to the Household of God… because you KNOW that he is who he says he is... that what HE says IS true… and that he WILL make it rain, direct you to the land, overcome Pharaoh, give you a child… and show you where it is “written” if need be.

    It really is that simple, that elementary, dear one. All you need do is “exercise” faith. Truly.

    May the undeserved kindness and mercy of my God and Father, the Most Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name is JAH… of Armies… and the love and peace of His Son and Christ, my Lord, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH… be upon you, dear one, you and your entire household… if you so wish it (and you, too, my dear PM "friend" - !).

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Rabbit


    I just wanted to remind you: You still haven't even attempted to answer me on your own thread, "Are we following men?"

    Please, go back and answer, explain why the WT's Governing Body is not bloodguilty for my mom's death.

    I won't stop asking.

  • Rabbit

    Chipper, I'm still awaiting you answer about the WT's blood guilt on you very own, "Are we following men?"

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Rabbit, they did what was right in their consciences. They were trying to respect God's law on blood. The science back then was stone age. What was really important, was your mother's strong faith. Alot of people die from transfusions, and all do not recover as well when they have one. They and I still believe that whole blood transfusions go counter to God's law on blood. It's sad you lost your mother, and I understand how you can reason. The organization has a new booklet out that goes into detail on, "HOW CAN BLOOD SAVE YOUR LIFE?" An article on p.30 BLOOD: WHOSE CHOICE AND WHOSE CONSCIENCE? by J. Lowell Dixion, M.D. reprinted by permission, you may want to read.

    What a pile of bullshit, what they did was obey the WTS. law on blood not god's law !

    And if those pretentious assholes in Crookyln still insisted that organ transplants were against god's law, JWS today

    wouldn't be proving that medical procedure either or vaccinations as well. !

    The WTS create their own set of laws by themselves and why shouldn't they have the complacent power to do so,

    whose going to DF them for making an inappropriate or wrong one, themselves ?

    The medical community knows perfectly well the plus and minus of blood transfusions, they have proven to have saved

    millions of lives since its inception as a medical practice decades ago.

    PJSchipper your a slave to the masters in Brooklyn whether you realize it or not, they are expecting you to obey at all times

    and they expect you to be subjective to that power also........are you ?

    You spin the propaganda well PJS but your full of untruthful ignorant bullshit up to your ears.

  • garyneal
    Homer, I agree to a certain extent, the brother's should not be making decisions for other's to make and then enforcing them with the threat of being DF'd. It is up to every christian to decide for themselves with their scriptural view and their conscience of their own descision how it would affect their relationship with God

    Well said and precisely the point I tried to make with my wife earlier today. A Jehovah's Witness should be allowed to make a decision based on his or her concious concerning medical matters. There are some Christians who would agree with the Watchtower concerning blood transfusions but I don't think this represents the majority. Let each person decide for himself or herself what they should do. Even though the Watchtower does not ban vaccines any longer many individuals (such as the elder and his wife we are studying with, along with some Christian zealots) disapprove of the Gardisil vaccine (for one reason or another). Let each person make the call is all I can say. The Watchtower (or any other religious leader) should not be overly pushy in this regard. I just hope and pray for their sakes (and especially their children's sake) that they make good choices.

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