Dearest pjschipper...

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  • Farkel

    Dearest Shelby,

    You spent WAY too much time trying to reach someone who is not even capable of reading more than a paragraph without going braindead.

    Here is some friendly advice from your brother and friend Farkel:

    Respond thusly:

    "You stupid moronic twit."

    Farkel, Brevity CLASS

  • AGuest

    (and the greatest of love and peace to you, my dear one!)... we can't be too sure that pjschipper isn't a reader, can we? I mean, certainly he MUST have read all of the WT propoganda he posted in his response... right? You know, in order to present such as his own position... 'cause he needs to KNOW the "position" in order to make it "his own." Right? So, I think I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt... since I believe he IS sincere... that he will at least attempt to give me the same courtesy I gave him... and read it all. We shall see.

    In the meantime, what's this about "thread stopping"? Is it possible that you're just way too brilliant for most of us (yes!), so that once you speak the rest of us "nitwits" often find ourselves at a loss for words after reading your response(s)?? But, don't despair - just keep sharing and keep in mind that sometimes you're just too profound. Or funny. Or both.

    In the manner of dear AKJeff... love and kisses!

    Your friend, servant, sister... and fellow slave of Christ... to time indefinite...


  • frankiespeakin
  • frankiespeakin


    JAESHUA MISCHAJAH just spoke to me the same way ue speaks o you and he said " beware of those who proclaim there own humility" there in bo duch thimg) that part wasn.t very clear.

  • PSacramento


    While I personally love your posts and the thoughts you put into them and how you use scritpture so elequently, your tone and use of "hebrew" names and terms for which we have english terms, comes off as quite pretensious.

    Just saying.

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    I would have to ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt... if you can... and not take my honesty and desire to state what is given to me to share with you "just so" as pretentiouness. I mean, 'cmon, why go for the "bad"? Why not just say, as some have most kindly and lovingly done, "Shelby is Shelby and she posts how she posts. She means no one any harm and, yeah, I would rather she write it thus-and-so way, but she doesn't and so what?" But then, again, you are entitled to your opinion and to write how YOU feel, so, okay... I "accept" what you're saying. I cannot promist that I will change my style, however. I am... what I am. And I write... how I am to write. What can I say? Sorry... again.

    Again, MUCH peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,




    You made a claim..

    Shelby has asked 2 simple questions you have not answered..

    "... Jesus has an arrangement..."
    There I asked... and I do so here, as wel... would you be kind enough to tell me (1) what that arrangement is, specifically, and (2) the basis for such arrangement? And please note that I am meaning the basis as
    set forth by Christ himself, or at least where it [this usually means the Bible] says HE says it's his arrangement, or that anyone [in the Bible] says it's his arrangement, but not counting, please, the WTBTS basis...
    unless it's in the Bible.

    Shelby asks that you take your answers from the Bible..

    Not WBT$ Literature..

    Are you capable of answering From the Bible?

    If you can`t answer from the Bible..

    Your claim is not Bible Based..

    It`s based on the Faulty Opinion Of a Group of men(WBT$ GB)..

    Who need a 2/3rds majority vote to make a decision..

    About what they think,God Wants..

    Which could change at anytime..

    Shelby is very capable of answering you from the Bible..

    Are you Capable of answering Shelby from the Bible?


  • PSacramento


    I wouldn't dream of asking you to change your style of posting, I was just commenting on that, at least from my POV, using hebrew terms that have english equivilents seems pretensious, that's all, there is really no need for that, is there?



    Shelby is writing as she hears the words of Jesus..

    If Jesus says it,Shelby writes it..

    I know that sounds strange..

    But ..

    Thats our Shelby..


  • PSacramento


    Are you saying Jesus is pretensious? or doesn't speak english ??


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