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  • dinah
    see dinah's comment, you don't want to be accountable to anyone, except yourself. FREEDOM.

    Explain that without quoting scripture. I've read them.

    Quoting scripture kept me under MAN's thump. If you make me go look up one it's ON!

  • AllTimeJeff

    Holy cow, this is rich coming from a JW apologist

    If aguest knows the scriptures so well, why is she asking me? Is it entrapment?

    Isn't that what JW's do all the time? At the door? The "Reasoning" book is a handbook on how to entrap people of different religions with selected bible quotations,

    Are you for the holy spirit or the WTBTS? You can't be for both.

  • parakeet

    chipper: Where else can we go?

    Once you make the decision to leave the dubs, and you step outside the KH for the last time, you're there.

    chipper: You can twist the scriptures to your own destruction. Yes this can be done.

    It's hard to believe you can't see the irony in your statement.

  • dinah

    That whole religion uses "scripture" to entrap. What is the one in Hebrews about not forsaking the gathering of yourselves together?

    Dont let me get started on Galations. But it would be good if someone could look up the "fruitage of the spirit" as a refresher course.


    If aguest knows the scriptures so well, why is she asking me?..You`ve made claims that make no sense to her..

    She would like to know why..Perhaps you have someting to teach..

    Or Not..

    Is it entrapment? It seems so. You can twist the scriptures to your own destruction. Yes this can be done...You have nothing to fear from Shelby..

    Unless your afraid of someone speaking truthfully..

    That is why we need holy spirit. Pray for it,and the scriptures will come alive for you...Your in luck..

    If anyone has the "Holy Spirit",it`s Aguest..


  • AllTimeJeff
    alltimeJeff, did you mean, you did not see these words put into action? They were just words. Could it be like Jesus said, do as they say but not as they do?

    Eventually, a religion that wants my total allegience will have to walk the walk. History is littered with talkers and apologists. I make no apologies for demanding that any religion that wants my allegience at least live up to their own talk. JW's do not.

  • garyneal


    You're a JW apologist? (Sorry for jumping in the thread like this.) The reason why I ask is because I see a contradiction.

    That is why we need holy spirit. Pray for it, and the scriptures will come alive for you.

    I believe AllTimeJeff put it best when he asked if you were for the Holy Spirit or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I just had a "Bible Study" recently concerning the baptismal questions and from the answer I got in the 2006 Watchtower (April 1st), the one thing the Jehovah's Witness do not have is the Holy Spirit (unless the Jehovah's Witness has the heavenly hope).

  • mrsjones5

    I'm sorry but I stopped reading at "arrangement"...had a flashback

  • parakeet

    chipper: parakeet, Of course I see it. It is my aim to untwist what has been twisted.

    No, you really don't.

  • garyneal


    I respect your convictions but you still haven't answered my question. You said in your last post, "I would have to have holy spirit direct me somewhere else."

    You must understand that if you are of the earthly class with the earthly hope, you do not have the Holy Spirit guiding and directing you, you have the spirit annointed ones doing that (primarily the GB).

    Are you of the annointed class?

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