Its not the people on here or wherever

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  • brinjen
    That is a blatant lie. Everyone has free will and computer access. The elders do not check everyone's web history unless you are some conspiracy freak, that just does not happen

    Wow Jansey. What's the weather like on your planet?

  • brinjen

    Double post.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    "ANGEL EYES- You need to understand that the elders and WT society counsel the witnesses ( yourself included ) to NOT come on these sights because they want to hinder you from finding out any NEGATIVE information which may be true about the WT society and the Jehovah's Witnesses. JW's"

    "That is a blatant lie. Everyone has free will and computer access. The elders do not check everyone's web history unless you are some conspiracy freak, that just does not happen


    Jansey, You need to listen better and read what's there. You just said that it is a lie that the elders counsel JW's against getting onto sites like this one. You say it is a lie that elders want to hinder you from finding out any negative info about the society and JW's.

    Your reason for the above being a lie: Everyone has free will and computer access. Does having free will and computer access mean that elders won't attempt to hinder people from finding something out? Does it mean that elders won't counsel against sites like this one?

    I believe the logical falicy is the non-sequitor: It does not follow that because people have free will and computer access, the elders won't attempt to discourage them from coming to these sites.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    You also offered the either/or falicy (false dilemma?) by stating that it's a lie that elders hinder others from going onto sites, because they don't check everyone's web history.

    There are other ways of finding out if you have been cavorting with apostates online:

    Guilt can bring it out of you, others who see it or hear you talk of it may rat you out, and threats that Jehovah can see what you are doing (fear) can keep you from going onto these sites, and a guilty conscious can keep people off the sites.

    There may be more ways that can hinder a person from going to these sites in the privacy of their own home.

  • caliber

    Worry about the "eye in the sky"

  • Hope4Others

    Decontructing Apostasy a different definition then the Wt's on what are apostates....

  • guyjeff4850

    INteresting . . . .

  • inbetween

    and please dont forget, most elders are "victims" themselves, they think, apostates spread wicked lies and half-truths.

    I was thinking that before I checked matters on my own...

    however, even then I never would have checked a brothers internet habit, or even ask about it, just occasional warning from stage thats all...

  • isaacaustin

    AE, while I am glad you are here I do not beleive you told an elder you come here and he was ok with it. Either:

    1) it didn't happen

    2) he is a doubting elder

    3) you didn't explain it clearly or he misunderstood

    There was a WT article many years ago that talked about so-called apostate lit. It said that taking it into your home and reading it would be the same as inviting the apostate into your home to relate his apostate ideas to you. Many things are 'read between the lines' in JW-land. A 'warning' by the Gb many times means obey or you will be outed.

  • bluecanary

    OTWO, you nailed it. We lost a couple of apologists at the same time we gained angel eyes and she has been a refreshing change in some ways. In particular she is very often sympathetic to posters who have had bad experiences in the religion and I appreciate that about her. At the same time, she does that condescending "I'm better than everyone because bad experiences wouldn't cause ME to leave JAH!" shtick. Please take note, angel eyes. And if sticking with the WTS is the best thing to do, please ANSWER THE QUESTION of why we should believe that?

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