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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I was talking to a baptised friend, and they dont like the idea of me being on here..i told them that ive mentioned it to an elder and that a few know im here,afterall im heeding the warning . Anyway, i explained to them that we are drawn out by our own desire,its whatever is in our heart...... I listen to what you all say and many of you are extremely polite regarding my views,you have been JW and understand, and some of you are a little harsh, but thats my choice to just walk away from such talk or negativity, its not you who are to blame.

    Hmmm did that come across ok??? So what im saying is Yes negative thoughts or comments whatever we are warned against CAN harm us but its up to us what we listen to and if our heart is right we shall remain in Gods love. Some on here are in Gods love and yet some have turnt away from him or dont believe in him, thats not me judging im just saying WE make our own choices....... :)

  • DJK

    To those who don't like you on here, say this. Jehovah is testing us. It's pass or fail. If you don't take the test, then you have failed.

  • alanv

    Hi angel eyes, good attitude. Yor're right many on here are ex witnesses. And many of us were not kicked out we simply left because we did no longer think it was the truth. Unfortunately many witnesses faith is so shallow they are not able to have a disscusion with anybody that used to be a witness. So good for you. You will find out many things that the average witness does not know about, and yes you will be able to check it out yourself to see if it is true or not.

  • wantstoleave

    Hi Angel ((waves))......nice post :)

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Its ones like you guys on here that i miss at meetings, not the ones who judge "look at so&so late again" or "havent seen you at the meetings for a while" its them who never seem to get attacked and thats because they already do the works of the devil, they attack loving ones and push them out. It doesnt mean your not loved by Jehovah, and he WILL sort things out.

  • wantstoleave

    Good post Alan

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    ((hugs)) wantstoleave........... glad you like the post.x

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Glad you're here - though for me the healing is 80% done, so I don't pop around too often now.

    I was accused of 'leaving Jehovah' just last week by a JW my wife encountered in public. I guess in the eyes of Jw's that is true since the formula to them is;

    Watchtower = Jehovah

    I have since begun to doubt the idea of God being at all interested in me or you. But that does not make me a bad influence does it? It just makes me a 'different' influence. Our lifetime paradigm is drawn by chalk on our boards - it changes as we grow and learn. I hope you stick around - though be forewarned - the pressure, perhaps even threats, to avoid this sort of mental venue will likely continue.

    I hope you take charge of your own mind and resist the pressure. Oh, how I wish I had the internet and the potential it provides to scrutinize my viewpoints 20 years ago. I left the first 48 years of my life behind - lost all my friends - had to begin absolutely anew - not because I was 'evil', but because I found moral dilemma is staying connected to an organzation that lied to me for decades, and violated it's own rules and viewpoint whilst hiding it from me. It would have been soooo much easier to do that at 25 or 35. But alas, the availability of solid proof needed to make such decisions was difficult to find in those days.

    Peace to you.


  • mouthy

    I find your elders not sticking to the rules of the Organization.
    I was told by someone IN Bethel.... That you were all told to stay OFF the internet
    apostate site's on fear of being D/F/ I would love to know in what country you are LOL

  • cognac

    AE - Your baptised and on this site??? Yeah, I'm with Mouthy on that... I'm pretty sure you should be facing a JC... I'm gonna post a new topic on this cause I'd like to know...

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