Its not the people on here or wherever

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  • undercover

    pjschipper said:

    S.H.I.T. where did this word come from? Guess.. When they hauled manure in wooden ships, they had little leaks. If you put the manure at the bottom of the boat, and it got wet it could blow the ship out of the water. So they marked it Ship High In Transport.

    Try again, Mr. Schitter, er, Schipper...

  • isaacaustin

    Ray Franz mentioned a man DFED on his deathbed for taking a transfusion to prolong his life long enough to see an estranged child of his.

  • bluecanary

    Undercover, thank you so much for posting that link. Years ago I'd read that the F word was a medieval acronym but couldn't remember what it stood for. Turns out that was an urban legend. I've been looking for an article about that for a long time!

  • ColdRedRain

    Dear JanesyHall, you:

    [X] Clueless Newbie

    [] Loser

    [X] Brainwashed Troll

    [ X] Holier Than Thou Watchtowerite

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    [ ] 13 year old l337 d00d

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    [ ] Whiner

    [X] Book Taught Loony

    You Are Being Flamed Because:

    [X] You posted a stupid apologistic thread that was doused in bad reasoning and WT society buzzwords, resulting in nothing more than making us amazed at your ignorance and irritating us at the same time.

    [] You posted a personal attack against a mod

    [X] You should have used the Search Feature

    [X] You claimed we were lying even though we presented sufficient and well-documented evidence proving our point

    [ ] You personally attacked a regular poster in a heinous manner (I.E. making fun of a Silent Lamb, etc.)

    [ ] You can't flame worth crap

    [X] You posted a "Sky is falling, the system is going to end, you're going to be dead soon if you're not repentant" thread

    [ ] You ressurected a long dead, stupid thread

    [X] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message

    [X] You flamed someone and got burnt

    [ ] You typed in text/leet speak

    [X] You posted false information then refused to back it up.

    [ ] You posted a video/site we've all seen a thousand times before on your first post.

    In Punishment, You Must:

    [X] Go to college and learn how to think logically (But don't tell your elders)

    [X] Stop posting and go to your meeting. You're too dull to flame against us so you might as well go back to your intellectual echo chamber. (Too many big words for you?)

    [X] Actually post something relevant

    [ ] Read the Damn FAQ

    [X] Go to your room with no supper

    [ ] Apologize to everybody on this forum (execpt Tetrapod.Sapien, who loves it!)

    [ ] All of the above

    [X] Stand in the corner and read till you die of boredom

    [X] Take a shower with a blowdryer

    In Closing, I'd Like to Say:

    [X] Learn to type using ALL the correct letters, also, learn how to spell.

    [X] Welcome to irrelevency.

    [X] Smelling gasoline isn't worth losing your brain cells over.

    [X] Press Alt and F4

    [ ] Can I have your stuff?

    [X} Don't let the door hit you in the butt.

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    [ ] All of the above

    The preceding Forum Form Flame was constructed for use on people not worthy

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    You have been identified as such a person and as such, this flame

    was brought to you in under 10 seconds.

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