Its not the people on here or wherever

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  • AllTimeJeff
  • Open mind
    Open mind

    JWs don't cuss.


  • Lillith26

    Sorry to hijack your thread Angel- but I have to say I'am so glad you are not a troll like this PJtroll and Janseytroll-

    You came here with good intensions, an open mind and an open heart bad sadly you are one of the few active JW's who are capable of interacting in a friendly manner on this board- you have a PM from me.... but please ignore my rant that is about to follow- I am a nice person at heart, but I'm an eye for an eye type... I cant turn the other cheek.

    Jansey Baby- I missed your answers yesterday..... are you avoiding them and me??????

    Do you want to pick up where we left off yesterday??? PM me! the biatch is waiting Good Vs Evil come out and play????

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    You are supposed to represent Jehovah 24/7, everywhere all the time, even online. Shame on you for cussing and acting like a bore. Act like the JW you say you are. You dishonor your god when you cuss people out and insult them. Do you think it is open season on "apostates" or something? Do you think that you will get an extra treasure in heaven for every insult you hurl at former and non-JW's? Shame on you! Jesus said to love your enemies, not cuss them out and attempt to one up them. Your horrid social skills will get you fired from jobs and will drive your friends away. Maybe that is why JW's have night time jobs like janitorial work. SOME of them can't seem to handle social encounters. MOST of them cannot provide an answer when it is asked of them.

  • KW13

    AT Jeff why do I get the feeling that you do not want JW's on a JW site? Are you getting paid for being here by some anti-JW Org. Ops, the thought of any of them being in a religious Org. That would be following men...


    You seem a little confused my friend. This site is owned and operated by an Ex-Jehovah's Witness. The Society themselves discourage assocation with others over the internet, whether they claim to be Witnesses or not. That said, the site policy here is that all are welcome, which is true. However, ignorance shouldn't be tolerated.

  • AllTimeJeff
    AT Jeff why do I get the feeling that you do not want JW's on a JW site? Are you getting paid for being here by some anti-JW Org. Ops, the thought of any of them being in a religious Org. That would be following men...

    I don't know why you get any of your feelings. I do believe all JW's should be allowed to visit any website they want, as free people do.

    I don't mind you being a JW and trying to defend your beliefs. I just take exception to you acting in an obnoxious manner, imo. Your posts suggest that you are rather self righteous and that you have disdain for people here.

    To each their own.

  • independent_tre

    What is this shit. you guys are so full of yourselves it's ridiculous


    Now that's a awesome quote from a WT apologist! I love it! carry on...

  • megs

    Why do YOU take exception to non-JW's posting here Phillip?? If it weren't for the information I got from the wonderful people on this site, I might've become a drone JW, so I for one am very very grateful to all of the faded, apostasized JW's that are on here!

  • diamondiiz

    I don't see all elders automatically forming a jc comittee when a member tells them that they're on here. They may question their motives or ask them if they think it's a prudent idea to venture where the opposers hang out and maybe offer an illustration to support their view but I don't see majority of elders df anyone for being here - I could be wrong. Said that, an elder (not a buddy buddy elder) may start to ask you personal questions as to why you're here, do you believe anything besides what comes out of the gb hole and so forth which may lead to a jc if one indicates that there is any doubt in GB as God's chosen ones or if there is any doubt that WTS is God's directed earthly organization.

    accepting a blood transfusion is a df offence unless you don't tell anyone and no one knows :) When you're on your death bed you either choose possible death or you choose damnation as WTS views you unfaithful to God for taking in blood and you become df - only GB members have the right to accept blood first when need to and then change their doctrine on it so the rest of their followers can harmoniously follow the new light

    Also elders are regular people and some are more arrogant than others but for most part they follow the wts line. GB knows the truth about their whole BS scheme and they don't want the rest to know and that is why they go out of their way to put their imprint on all of their followers that they, the GB are GREAT, next to Christ in command, only mediator between second class worshippers and christ and God...blah..blah...blah.. Elders for most part are as ignorant as the rest of r&f so when they discourage going on sites like this one it's because they themselves are eating up all the vomit that flows down from the gb. The elders for most part don't know the past history and the wicked actions of gb so they tell the flock that all here are liers trying to pull people away from God. So I wouln't say that elders honestly are trying to hide the wts dirty laundry as they themselves don't know it. I would like to know how many ex-elders here knew half the shit that wts did while in good standing and continue supporting wts and for how long? I would be surprised if there were very many if any. Most hard core elders are so brain dead that no amount of evidence would make them see the truth about wts for their minds are shut to reason and will only accept what comes out of gb filthy mouth and these are the scum that usually tend to be self rightious, and most judgemental of all others.

  • undercover
    What is this shit. you guys are so full of yourselves it's ridiculous

    Of what shit do you speak? Please define which shit you question so whoever's shit it was can reply to your shit with their shit and we can get this shit straigtened out.

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