Its not the people on here or wherever

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  • wantstoleave

    Im sure there are alot of baptised ones on this site....I am.

  • DaCheech

    i'm baptized and the elders do not know i'm here.

    i've heard of quite a few "apostate" d'fing in the past 2 years.... word on d'fings spread fast within jw's

  • TD

    Well, Angel Eyes, it's not just negativity you can choose to turn your back on.

    You can also choose to turn your back on very clear, very easily enunciated moral dilemmas. I've noticed a level of impoliteness aimed at you and other active JW's on this board and I'm truly sorry about that. One reason I think it happens is that people become exasperated with the inability and/or unwillingness of the average JW to either "Put up or shut up" when confronted with a moral dilemma involving their faith.

    For example, is it moral to teach parents that it would be better for their children to die than to be treated with one of the four primary components of blood if you cannot produce a specific biblical command that would forbid that procedure?

    In other words, is it moral to expect other people's children to die in obedience to your own personal speculation on what biblical commands against eating blood might possibly mean in the context of 21st century medicine? Is it moral to expect other people's children to die in obedience to a teaching based on nothing more substantive than logical fallacy and grammatical misconstruction? Is it moral to support those who do?

    There are many areas where Witnesses and non-Witnesses may choose to simply disagree, but this is not one of them. The Bible tells us in plain and simple, black and white, clear and unambiguous terms that we cannot directly or indirectly cause the loss of innocent human life. If we place those commands on one side of the "scales," those who supprt the JW teaching on blood must be able to offer something of sufficent weight to balance those scales.

  • scotinsw

    AE although i don't agree with things you say i think you are a genuinely kind and caring person but I am very very surprised that an elder you have spoken to has been ok about you going on here.

    Maybe the elder is on here already and he's trying to help you get out.

    Mouthy - I think that AE is in England

  • jookbeard

    AE's this is a very well known website/forum, to the WTS, (even G/B members have trolled on here,) so was the old Hourglass site, Freeminds, Comments from the Friends, Barbara Anderson's Silent Lambs, etc, there are many, this site has a link's page as does Free Minds, as I suggested some time ago, invite the main body of elders (P/O and S/O)to your home turn on your PC, log onto this site show them your log in details, and the topics you have started and the posts you have made, then ask them if it is OK to keep on logging into this site? There will be only 1 answer! When the original JWD went off line last year, the word from the UK Bethel, was that a huge cheer went around the various dept's and those boys all started high 5ing each other, and that came from an extremely reliable source.

  • mouthy

    Mouthy - I think that AE is in England

    Oh well that answers my question Those Limey's (wink wink)
    They are a strange bunch ( Remember I am a LIMEY!!!!!

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    Your words are refreshing. There is a verse in Ecclesiastes that speaks to what you're saying:

    "Do not hurry in your spirit to become offended, for the taking of offense is whatrests in the bosom of the stupid ones." Ecclesiastes 7:9

    Please note that not all who leave the WTBTS (or are asked to leave, as in my case)... or religion in general... leave God. To the contrary, those like me did not actually and completely "find" Him... or were completely found by Him... until we left. Because it wasn't until we completely stopped following men that we could begin completely following Christ. 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18; John 6:44. May it be the same with you, if you so wish it.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


    I was talking to a baptised friend, and they dont like the idea of me being on here.
    , and some of you are a little harsh, but thats my choice to just walk away from such talk or negativity, its not you who are to blame.

    Two different groups of people..


    You found negativity in both groups.


    You will find that in every group..

    You will also find honest and uplifting people.. Who have much to offer..

    Those people are a Treasure.


    Who would you rather spend time with?..

    It`s your choice..


  • Hope4Others

    "Bad associations spoil useful habits" is the old adage.....the more you spend time with others who no longer believe it eventually can and will break you down don't kid yourself.

    You will start to see the flaws in doctrine its only a matter of time when your eyes become open, then your mind will be filled with questions that you need the answers to.


  • flipper

    ANGEL EYES- You need to understand that the elders and WT society counsel the witnesses ( yourself included ) to NOT come on these sights because they want to hinder you from finding out any NEGATIVE information which may be true about the WT society and the Jehovah's Witnesses. JW's are under what we call " information control" and only allowed to research the WT socities information in it's OWN publications. That IS the policy of the governing body and HOW they try to control you. Now you tell me- Would a LOVING God prohibit you from finding out information you need to know which the WT society may discourage you from looking into ? If they have the alleged " truth " - what do they have to hide ? Can't the " truth " stand up to ANY scrutiny ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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