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    Thank you... and may you all have peace!

    The truth is that NO offense is an "automatic" DF'ing for the WTBTS... except openly and immovably disagreeing with (1) the WTBTS, (2) the WT, or (3) the elders, PO, CO, etc.. And in the case of disagreeing, while you may not actually be DF'd as an "apostate" (at least, I was assured I was not but for "disobedience" for declining yet another "[it's not really a JC] meeting" - after 14), they pretty much tell everyone that's what you are.

    Even if your disagreement is based on what's written in the Bible... vs. what's written in the WT.

    Even (and most importantly) if the "elders" agree that the Bible says what you showed them ("Yes, Sister, but that's not what the WT, Reasoning, Live Forever, Revelation, etc., Book, says!"). During one of my last meetings, one "elder" very angrily counseled me that I was "going beyond the things written," and when I asked, "Yes, but written where, Brother?," he replied, "Written in the Watchtower!" Thankfully, he was corrected by a very embarassed PO who was also present. I digress.

    DF'ing for all other "offenses," however... from taking blood (yes, you can be DF'd for that!) to committing adultery to homosexuality to... to... whathaveyou... depends NOT on whether it is believed that the person is "repentant" or not, but entirely on (1) who the offender is... (2) who is sitting in judgment and deciding the outcome.. and (3) who may have been offended. Period. Because this is HOW "repentance" is determined by them. Literal repentance, however, has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Why? Because not one of them CAN know the heart of another person. Not one.

    Who among us can read another's heart? Heck, half the time we can't even read our own. So the answer is none of us. That's why we were told NOT to judge by Christ... as just because someones says they are repentant doesn't mean they are... and just because someone doesn't physically manifest that they repentant (i.e., doesn't lower eyes, tremble, shake, cry, sob, beg, plead, etc.) are doesn't mean they aren't. It's only those who follow the erroneous teachings of PAUL (who initially engaged in judging and tried to teach the Corinthian congregation to judge, almost to their utter demise, and so had to learn not to judge himself and thus later taught NOT to judge)... who disregard this COMMAND from Christ. Matthew 7:1-5, stated about 3.5 years before Paul ever encountered our Lord and recorded before he wrote Romans 2:1; 14:4, 10-13; , which was written about a year after and thus supersedes 1 Corinthians 5:12-6:5.

    In addition (and I challenge any "elder", former "elder," PO, CO, DO, GB, or whathaveyou, to truthfully and honestly deny it)... more often than not "elders" will [find some way to] protect (excuse me, "forgive") those they know, think they know, like, love... or fear... primarily because (1) they don't want any "scandal" in their own families or among those they associate with, or (2) they know the offender knows something about them... or someone close to them... and don't want it to come out).

    But even Paul acknowledged that he wasn't "master over [anyone's] faith." 2 Corinthians 1:24

    The ONLY One who has authority to judge right now is Christ... and HE said that HE doesn't judge... and that WE shouldn't either. John 3:17; John 8:15; John 12:47; Luke 6:37

    That the so-called "leaders" of what is purported to be God's "chosen" people don't get this VERY important teaching by CHRIST is undeniable PROOF that the "law" of God is NOT "with" them... and that they HAVE "rejected [His] very Word." Jeremiah 8:8-15; John 1:14; Revelation 19:13

    For those who, like me, your servant, at one time or another judged others and/or sat in judgment of others, a ransom has been paid and you may be forgiven. All you need do... is ask... and exercise faith that what you hope for (forgiveness) will be granted.

    May those who wish it have ears to hear... and perhaps even relate this truth to others who apparently haven't heard.

    Again, I bid you all peace!

    A slave of Christ,


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    angel eyes

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm satan misleads many.

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    Your eyes are bound to be opened! knowing good from bad.

    ...and that's what happened. They came to be like God, knowing good and bad.

    You positively will NOT DIE

    ...and they didn't die from eating the fruit. They were cast out of the Garden to toil and suffer birth pangs...and they died a natural death.

    Re-read the A&E account without your WT colored glasses and see how different it is.



    I think we should change your Title..


    "A slave of Christ"..


    "A Treasure from Christ"..

    You`ll be a Lawyer soon..

    We should be able to get the paper work done..

    On your Title Change,in no time at all!


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    Hi AGuest. I read that twice. Very compelling, I enjoyed that.



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    May you have pece! You quote/ask:

    "Your eyes are bound to be opened! knowing good from bad. Go ahead eat the fruit! You will become like GOD... You positively will NOT DIE.... where did I hear that before?"

    You'e probably heard it from those associated with the WTBTS, who misquote the Bible all the time. I've checked several Bible versions, however, and cannot find that particular verse. What I can find is Genesis 3:5, which states:

    "... your eyes are bound to be opened... knowing good and bad. "

    Now, you may ask, is there really a difference? I would respond, yes, there really is! As you state it, the issue is that Adham would know the difference between good and bad (i.e., between right and wrong). But that was not the case at all. The issue was that Adham would know GOOD (i.e., life, which he already "knew")... and would know BAD (i.e., death, which he did not yet "know"... as in did not yet "have an intimate relation/acquaintance with" as a man with a woman, a husband with a wife. You know, become "one" with Death... as he had been "one" with Life, through the Tree from which he ate - Genesis 2:16, 17; John 10:30; John 17:11; John 14:6; John 15:1,2 ; Genesis 2:8).

    Adham lost his head and thought that he could actually be "like" God... knowing death... i.e., having intimate acquaintance with it, experience it... and yet, live. He could not... but he traded his entire progeny for the possibility. He lost... and as a result, we lost... at least, for a time.

    You may think me a stickler, but I would counter that if you are going to quote scripture/Bible verses, even sarcastically, you might want to look them up first as it is misquotations like this that have led to SO much controversy, chaos, divisions, misleadings, false prophesying, and false christs among earthling man, an dparticularly in the WTBTS. For example, there is NO verse that says "the light gets brighter and brighter" or "the light keeps getting lighter and lighter"... or something to that effect. There IS a verse that says "the PATH of the righteous ones is LIKE the bright light that is getting lighter and lighter..." Or, while there is a verse that says, "Your word is truth," there is NO verse that says the Bible is that word... or that it is the truth. Rather, there are verses that say Christ is God's Word... and that HE is the Truth. Yet, millions have and do put their faith in the false renderings every day. To their own spiritual demise. Proverbs 4:18; John 1:14; Revelation 19:13; John 14:6

    Lives, therefore, may depend on the correct quotation of a Bible verse. I mean, I'm just sayin'....

    I bid you the greatest of love and peace!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


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    What is this shit. you guys are so full of yourselves it's ridiculous


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    Why are you here?

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