Why is the US so afraid of Social Health Care?

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  • journey-on

    Pot calling the kettle black....as usual, hypocritical and blind.

  • beksbks
    as usual, hypocritical and blind.

    I know! And I'm sorry you are hypocritical and blind. But it's within your power to change! Yes you can!!!

  • sammielee24

    Journey On...if I recall correctly, isn't the anti abortion crusade one of your biggest passions? Like I said - people use smoke screens and you've said that no public option is the American way - I don't believe that for a minute - but, is the real reason that you oppose it so vehemently, because you, like Burns, are anti-choice and this is your way to support that belief? I'm just curious. sammieswife.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Let's get something passed that at least guarantees every American coverage. The initial plan can be taylored and tweaked. Having been driven into bankruptcy once over health costs, I can tell you all that unless you are fabulously wealthy, you might end up in the same boat, easily. All it takes is you losing your job and your cobra running out and one costly accident or hospital stay. Then you are thousands in debt. And bankruptcy won't bring the same relief it once did. People on medicaid, medicare and who have good health insurance are usually the people arguing against universal health care. And the ones who are amongst the uninsured, who are against universal health care, that I have heard speak negatively? They are usually either simple, mentally ill, extreme fundamentalists or haven't needed expensive health care as of yet.

    Be freaking out about the idea that your entire savings could be eaten up by one hospital stay.

    I'd like to know whether you have medicaid, medicare, private insurance, group insurance or no insurance, those who oppose universal health care.

    And respectfully, those whining about who has read the bill or not: Have YOU read the bill?

  • sammielee24

    All is not lost. This week, there has been push back in the supporters of a public plan - the yay-sayers outnumbered the nay-sayers, so I think the grass roots organizations and people who voted in Obama on this issue, are getting out there now and taking back their agenda. I have to imagine that Obama and the democrats are watching their supporters turn away from them and realize that they have the power and if they don't use it, if they continue to let the Republicans keep them down, then they will lose not only the next election, but any election for the next 12 years at the very least.

    I have hope that this has been a calculated, political move on his part to keep the right wing fired up on non issues inside the reform package while making plans to pass the public option plan with the power they do have. If may not come to pass - but hopefully it will. sammieswife.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I say let's cover everybody but those opposed to universal healthcare. Wonder how that will go over.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hey, imagine the money it will save taxpayers.

  • palmtree67

    I didn't read all 13 pages of your health care dilemma, but.....you do know that us Canadians are all just sitting back and chuckling at all this debate, right?

    No offense......

  • brinjen
    you do know that us Canadians are all just sitting back and chuckling at all this debate, right?

    Ditto for the Aussies.

  • sammielee24

    Not a bad ide FHN. Actually, today I heard someone say 'medicare for all or medicare for none'. That's the way I pretty well feel. If Medicare is so bad and going broke and costing so much money in taxes, people complaining and griping about it all the time, then simply say - no more Medicare. I realize like everybody else, that it isn't the users of Medicare that are saying that but the people who aren't using it - but I would propose, that the minute the government came out and said they were scrapping medicare, the outlook on government single payer health insurance would change pretty fast.

    Medicare is a single payer insurance plan run by the government.

    My understanding is that most of the insurance companies have already come out and said that rates are going to increase substantially over the next 5 years - they're already warning people - and that means that employers will be forced to drop or reduce coverage and more people will simply not be able to afford it. That is going to put a further strain on everyone else to pick up the hospital costs.


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