Why is the US so afraid of Social Health Care?

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  • sammielee24

    Sure people eat too much, they smoke (numbers are waayyy down) and they don't exercise as much as they should and? Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Hernia, Broken Bones, Heart Attack, Type 1 Diabetes - the list goes on and all of those are not necessarily attributable to obesity. That's a catch all these days and if we are going to blame the patient, blame us all as a society - just this week, an 'expert' on television (the major source of education for a lot of people) said that while travelling on the road you should eat at McDonalds and Wendy's and Burger King. She should have said, grab an apple and a bottle of water from any truck stop - but she didn't. Lot's of blame to go around.

    Bottom line is aren't obese people entitled to health care?

    We could take this cause and apply it all over - you've got people living in houses up in the hills of California - maybe all of them should have to pay a property tax of 200% the worth of their house because the fire services to keep battling wild fires and saving their houses is costing the rest of the State too much money. They choose to live there after all. All the people living along the rivers should pay property taxes 200% of their value so as not to burden the rest of the population with costs when their homes flood...we can take cause and effect in all instances and apply them and blame, but it doesn't solve all the problems does it?


  • coffee_black

    how many educational films must we watch on the dangers of smoking?

    high blood pressure? look at the foods we gobble down?

    And the irony is.... ever go to a hospital cafeteria? Not any better for you than McDonalds.... maybe worse. Ever walk the grouds of a hospital and see nurses/doctors smoking in designated smoking areas? If the people who take care of the sick have such bad habbits themselves, and don't take the warnings seriously ..why would they expect anyone else take the warnings seriously?


  • DaCheech

    sammie, you got a point with the "moral" face of goverment, many people are afraid in both directions: the goverment could ban paying for abortions or they could pay and you would piss off the other half!

    also, my comments on the "dangerous lifestyle people" was aimed at prevention and maintenance. I was not denying helping the people who have emenrgency needs or chronic. in other words "prevention is worth 10x, then fixing later!

    don't put words in my mouth and I truly have loved ones with dire needs (including birth defects).

    americans have this "mc donalds" life style!

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Government run healthcare could benefit businesses and individuals.

    Right now, companies pay for health insurance for their employees. My company pays about $12k a year for insurance for me and my spouse. If there were a single payer system, imagine how much extra cash companies would have!

  • sammielee24

    But DaCheech...many of those same people fighting against the public option because they are afraid that I might get an abortion (and that's their MAIN reason) are the same people who have a private plan that already pays for the same procedure for women. It's hypocritical because in a private plan, you pay into the same pot. It boils down to taking the plan that you can afford or that is best for you - and there are some that would rather see me die on the side of the road today, rather than let me make a choice to buy into a government healthcare plan. I'm not putting words in your mouth, I simply saying that obesity has become the catch all phrase for all the ills of today and why there should be NO change except on the part of the patient with the problem. That again is just one part of the issue and taken as a whole - look at it this way - that obese person may choose to buy into a public plan using a doctor committed to addressing preventative care and education that will make them stronger and healthier...as opposed to getting no care and floundering along on their own. sammieswife.

  • dinah

    On the obesity subject, my neighbor weighs over 600 pounds--no kidding. He was hospitalized about a month ago. His oxygen level was below 70%. He has no insurance because, frankly, he's too big to walk much less work anymore. The hospital has to see him if he goes to the emergency room. The tab is passed on to insured patients. He will not cooperate with his Doctor about losing weight. I don't really know my point in telling you about this. It just bothers me.

    I agree with Sammie about the religious right. They always manage to bring any issue back to abortion, sex, or anything gay--from Presidential elections to health care. It's simple, if you are pro-life--don't have an abortion, but don't dictate to someone who doesn't share your beliefs what they should or should not do.

    The right screams about losing our rights, yet they want to take the ones away that they don't agree with. Typical fundie BS.

  • SixofNine
    And the irony is.... ever go to a hospital cafeteria? Not any better for you than McDonalds....

    heh, by far the busiest McDonalds I've ever seen, is located inside a hospital.

  • leavingwt

    I watched Obama's Town Hall yesterday on MSNBC.

    He is NOT proposing "Government-Run Health Care". Those were his words.

  • leavingwt
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    He is NOT proposing "Government-Run Health Care". Those were his words.

    Exactly. It has to do with fear, as others have suggested. Those Americans who do have health care don't want to lose what they do have, as flawed as it may be, in exchange for a system they don't fully understand.

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