Crazy JW chaperon Stories

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  • Robdar

    Interesting. Never heard of chaperones for field circus.

    I was never chaperoned out in the field although I was while on dates. I wonder if my daddy knows how easily the chaperone was bought off?

  • truthsetsonefree

    Boy do these stories bring back memories. My first serious GF and I spent many months in service with my riding in the back seat. OMG, how stupid that seems now. Even when I wasn't chaperoned I was messed up by these insane and unnatural standards.

  • mrsjones5

    It was August 1983 and my soon to be fiance had driven three hours to pick me up and drive back three hours to drop me off at my grandmother's house (for the occasion of my father's parents' 50th wedding anniversary party). Before we left my mother said she was giving us exactly three hours to make it to Grandma's house or we'd be in trouble. I think the fiance drove fast because we arrived in town early and had time enough to say hi to his roommate and to park in a dark field and look at the stars.

    Wouldn't you just know it but the next day a rumor got started and reached my mother that me and the fiance had slept together the night before. The sad part of it was the rumor was started by the fiance's mother.


  • mraimondi

    same thing happened to me -

    an 83 year old sister wouldnt go out in service with me because it would be a "bad example"....

    and then when i dated a girl, we had to drive seperately everywhere, even if it were 30 or 40 miles away...

    when my friend was getting married, he drove down here seperately with his fiancee, 300 miles...

    and then his car broke down

    so he had me give him a ride back

  • Megachusen

    I invited a girl to a movie and ended up having her brother and mother come along.

    Sad to say, this wasn't very long ago.

  • superman

    I invited a girl to a movie and ended up having her brother and mother come along.

    Sad to say, this wasn't very long ago.

    Wow, talk about a buzz kill

  • BonaFide

    I had several sisters do that to me, ride in the back seat like I am a taxi driver. What grossed me out was that some of them were old enough to be my mother. I think they got a charge out of it as if we could possibly get into trouble.


  • Scott77

    Amazingly, many sisters used to have me sit on front even when the car was owned by a sister. Why? because I am a male who was taking the lead in field services. So I needed to tell or direct her where to stop etc. I think it depends on the geographical location of the place, the state you are from etc. Of course at least one or more sisters did sit behind. You know, in our congregation, there were more sisters than brothers.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Oh gosh I was tortured dating the ex. Not only did we have her paranoid, terrified of sex parents hounding us, but we had every witness in the congregation that was counciled by her dad stalking us as well. And when the "friends" couldn't catch us up to no good, they just made crap up. We were in the little room every other week.

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub

    I was told several times by an elder me and my g/f shouldn't be in the car on our own.

    It was a 2 seater.

    I just ignored all his stupid advice, including that.

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