Crazy JW chaperon Stories

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    She opened the rear passenger door, got in, sat down, and closed the door.

    Did you keep referring to her as Miss Daisy?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    My sister got a ride to the hall with her then fiance to meet for service. Her roommate didn't go out so it ended up being just the two of them. When the elder conducting the service meeting saw them pull in, he counselled them about being alone together, without a chaperone. Apparently he was worried they might stop off for a quickie before service.

  • Colton

    I wonder if my wife remembers all the times her little brother chaperoned with us. I know we had to practically PLED with him to join us or we didn't get to see each other for another week.

    Then there's the question ... who is supposed to pay for the chaperones meal and movie?

  • QuestioningEverything

    My nephew was dating a sister from a nearby congregation. They were going to run to the store during a family dinner to get some pop or something like that. My MIL made someone ride with them as a chaperone. I thought that was so silly because my nephew had his own house. They certainly could meet up there with out a chaperone (and did).

  • BonaFide

    I think the chaperone thing might actually result in MORE fooling around. Witnesses are conditioned to have a chaperone around at all times so they won't sin. They think they WILL sin if they don't have one. So the minute they are alone for some reason, WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS?


  • Peaches1978

    I find this so damn funny, my mom is 56 and her new elder husband is 60. so for a year before they got married they had to be chaparon. wtf.... at that age they should know what good and bad.. so pathitic....

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Ah yes the excuse that people are just hormonal and will start dry humping at very 1st chance.

    The ex and I went to the beach with a big group. Driving back her parents told her not to ride with me unless a servant or an elder were in the car with us. Granted the other 3 people in the car were adults. What the heck did they think would happen driving the freeway home with 5 people in the car?

  • loosie

    LOL @ Keysersore driving miss daisy seems about right.

    OMG Knowitall that it terrible What jerks his parents are. amzing that your relationship survived all that.

    I have a couple of stories. First some background. My mother ( 3rd generation jw) lived (in sin) with a man before she met my dad. This was told to me by my half brothers they lived in this man house as well. Mom and this guy shared the same bedroom. Mom was never df'd. Now my mom meets my dad. My brothers are 17 and 14 they along with mom move into my dads house. mom and dad were married about a year later. 3 years alter I come along. All this time I am thinking that mom has only ever been with their dad and my dad, thats it no premarital sex. Boy was I wrong.

    So here I am 22 dating this goober from another congregation. The only thing good about him is that he is cute. He has no way about him that a girl could like. I find out he has never had a girlfriend before. I am immediately turned off. I can't stand being the one to teach a man how to act around me. so this relationshp doesn't last very long. Anyway we went to this elders fanily's house to learn some new line dancing steps. My mother said to call when you get there and call rught before you leave. so I did. a group of JW's would go to the dance place every sunder after the meeting for line dancing. So this guy and I went there. Then Mike who wasn't even an MS, but he appointed himself my guardian. ( I guess because my brother was df'd and not around) Told me he better not hear of me being in a truck alone with a brother ever again. I told him I did exactly as my mother instructed. So he should lay off of me.

    So one to the next brother I dated. I was 23 he was 32. He said I was being silly about always having to have someone else in the car with us. He was an MS. I said hey in my congregation I get a lot of shit for being alone with a guy I just follow the rules so I don't hear about from ayone. He and I meet at a resturant. We drove separate cars to the resturant. We were sitting across the table from each other, just talking. My mother storms in at 11pm and points her finger at me and says you need to get home now. I wasn't doing a damn thing besides talking to him. He puts his head on the table and laughs and says that he has never been so embarrassed in all his life. Oh how I wish that I never about mom living in sin with dad at that time in my life. I would have embarrassed her right there in the resturant.

    So now I am 24 I meet my future hubby. we go alone places together despite everyone else. But I have a hard time relaxing when we are out on a date because I know I am going to catch hell when I get home. So one night he has a job to do. We go power washing sidewalks for his brother. we do this late at night because the businesses are closed. so we spend all night cleaning sidewalks. I know it sounds stupid but I had fun working with him. so around 6am I we get back to my house. boy was my mom pissed off. If looks could kill I would have been dead a 100 times.

    No wonder we eloped. that way we didn't have to hear everyone's crap. so after we are married I tell hubby that I want to do it in a car. because apparantly this is where all the dating couple do it their first time.. LOL OMG the car is the most uncomfortable place in the world to have sex. Why would anyone want to do it in a car?!?!

  • ziddina

    Hooo, boy.... Do I ever have a different story to tell... Keeping in mind that I was a teenager during the Vietnam War, Free love, and all that.... Plus, apparently the elders/JWs in Aurora, Colorado must have been a much more liberal lot at the time this happened...

    I went out with a studying-to-be-JW boy one night after the Theocratic Ministry School/Service Meeting - we had them on Friday nights at that time. I let him drive my spankin' new car - don't know what I was thinking. We went into downtown Denver to 'cruise' - see and be seen circling the skyscrapers [what there were at the time] in downtown Denver. 'Round about midnight [keep in mind, we're alone together in the car...] we headed south out of Denver towards Colorado Springs - about an hour's drive or so - under NORMAL circumstances...

    Dippy soon-to-be-EX-friend decides to 'open 'er up' on the new I-25 interstate. Cop clocked us at about 120 mph. Amazingly we/dippy studying-to-be-JW didn't get a ticket (or for that matter, hauled off to jail!!) Maybe 'cause it was my car but the guy had sort-of commandeered it...

    Anyway, I got home just before the sun rose. Looked my worried parents' in the eye, said, "Nothing happened, my contact lenses are killing me, I'm going to get some sleep!" Later explained about speeding on interstate to parents, but never heard a peep about it from the elders... Guess everyone involved 'forgot' to mention it to them...

    My, my my. 'Chaperones'???? How times have rolled backwards to Medieval Spain - er, 'changed'....

    Zid (and that little story is just one reason I like the 'angel/devil' character as my 'signature'... )

  • jws

    The chaperone thing didn't seem so big where I was from (a nothern midwestern town). I only remember one girl I had to have a chaperone for and she was a JW I was dating from out of state. When I drove up there the first time, I hung out with her all day alone, but had to sleep at her parents house. On subsequent visits, I had to have a friend come with me and then I got to sleep at her house. When she came to visit me, she had to bring her cousin. I remember things happening. Maybe not when the chaperone was around though. So they weren't very effective.

    I met a girl at an assembly and we decided to go to an amusement park for our first date. Her dad was supposedly a strict elder. It was maybe an hour in one direction to go pick her up, then come back past where I lived and 45 minutes in the other direction to the amusement park. AND the amusement park was out of state. Her elder father let her be gone all day and be taken out of state, alone with no chaperone. I was shocked. I was fully expecting her brother was going to come along but no. But, her dad did have a time I had to bring her back. Unfortunately, I got a flat on the way back to her house and got her home late, fretting all the way. But, nobody screamed about it. So I'm gone all day, a good 12 hours. For all her parents knew, I could have driven her 15 minutes to a hotel and had sex all day and brought her back 12 hours later. But, nothing whatsover happened. I don't even think we got to the amusement park before I wasn't interested in her personality-wise. And her caked-on makeup literally melted in the sun that day and she was starting to look downright scary. No way I was going to have anything to do with her.

    My brother had a girlfriend who's parents preferred she was chaperoned, even if that meant me. And I didn't care what they did. I would get out of their way. Once she was out of her parent's view, they would go places alone all of the time. And from what I hear, she was very good at distracting him while driving (think "world according to garp").

    But, other parents and other congregations felt differently about chaperones.

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