Crazy JW chaperon Stories

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  • superman

    The JW's must not trust their members or at least don't have too much faith in them when it comes to being alone around member of the opposite sex. I can remember one time in particular from when I was a teenager that still makes me laugh today.

    When I was younger I used to go out in service on a regular basis during the week when I had summer break. One time when I met for service there were only two other people that showed up. The Brother who conducted the group and this older, widowed, pioneer sister. The brother who was conducting only showed up to conduct but didn't actually go out in service. So of course I got stuck going out with this old lady alone. She was well known for being a hardliner (not taking coffee breaks, going out in dangerously bad weather, getting into religious arguments with householders, etc). Anyway, we walked out of the hall and headed over to my car. I opened the rear driver side door and threw my bag in and got in up on the drivers side front. She opened the rear passenger door, got in, sat down, and closed the door. From the front I turned around and said "Oh, you can sit up front if you like". She declined because she felt it wouldn't be proper for a single brother and sister to sit alone (what would the people in the community think). I thought to myself, "she can't be serious" (since she was in her late 60's early 70's) and I was only 16 or 17. Anyway we went out for entire morning with her sitting in back and me driving her around (Just the two of us). I look back and that still makes me laugh

    Anyone else have any funny similar stories to relate???

  • flipper

    SUPERMAN- I was 17 and my JW girlfriend was 16 and we would go work rural territory to have more privacy in field service. Only problem was my girlfriends 9 year old sister was sent by her JW mom to chaperone us. ( Pissed me off. Cause her sister was bratty and wouldn't give us privacy. ) So - my girlfriend and I would tell her sister that if she would get the next door we would buy her a great lunch at Carls Jr. or McDonalds ! So in that way we were able to make out and kiss without her watching ! Then we'd straighten up real fast when she came back from knocking on a door ! Sneaky dog I was

  • daniel-p

    I had to drive around many service days in the back seat of a sister's car because she was too paranoid to let me sit in the front. That way, anyone who saw me riding in the back with no one else in the car would just think we were idiots, and not normal people.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    When I started "dating" my husband at 33 years old mind you, his JW mother made his Downs sister go with us. She might be retarded but she had the ability to remember everything you said and did and was extremely eager to share it all with anyone at the hall. was pretty damn effective.

    Annoying too.

  • superman

    I had to drive around many service days in the back seat of a sister's car because she was too paranoid to let me sit in the front. That way, anyone who saw me riding in the back with no one else in the car would just think we were idiots, and not normal people.

    Daniel P-

    That was too funny!

  • Waffles

    Once I met a sister at a movie theater to (you guessed it) see a movie. We both took our own vehicles and met inside. We ran into a local elder while at the theater, thought nothing of it. The very next meeting we were pulled into the back room.

  • Spook

    Insane. The notion that two people should get married having spent (virtually) no time alone. It's a stupid formality for people who have no actual standars of their own.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Oh God! We were bashed for not having a chaperone. What are you to do when everyone else in your circle that you chaperoned is married and unwilling to do it for you? Our own parents even got sick of chaperoning and refused to do it, but would counsel us on it!

    A dear friend, so I thought, I was her maid of honor...said she couldn't be in our wedding due to finances. I talked to my hubby (fiance') and he agreed to pay for her dress so that I could have the pleasure of her being in the wedding party. Then it hit the fan that the real reason wasn't money, but because we had gone somewhere unchaperoned. Good grief. Her chaperone was her little sister whom they would trick to go away and give them privacy! But we were wicked. For some reason she had no problem attending the wedding though.

    My own sister (my only sibling) refused to be in the wedding or show up either for the same reason.

    It's funny how quick they are to judge, but how easily they refuse to help you keep the "standards".

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    One evening my finace showed up at our house to go to the meeting with us, I was not allowed to ride to the meeting in his car alone with him even though the hall was only minutes away because and I quote.

    "I can name you ten kids that are alive today because they were conceived on the way to the kingdom hall!"

    I heard this silly rant the entire brief period that I dated until my expediant marraige at 17.

  • R.F.

    My then-fiancee and I were yanked into backroom once because an elder spotted me us alone in a car together. I actually was taking her to see her doctor because she was sick and I was off work that day and was the only person available that could take her(she had no driver's license yet at that time).

    I asked the elder..."so what was I supposed to do, just sit and do nothing while she's sick??" He said..."you just have to do what Jehovah wants you to do."

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