Crazy JW chaperon Stories

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  • GoneAwol

    ....ahhh yes Free and Happy. The memories. That old brother was a great guy. He just looked the other way when we said our 'goodbyes' after the meetings! Poor lad was a nervous wreck and smelt of piss....

    And i wasnt going to lead you astray......

    I was going to DRAG you astray!


  • free and happy
    free and happy

    Gone Awol - You are very naughty! You with your twinkly eyes!!

    You can lead me astray for another 22years! Ha Ha

  • blondie

    Have i told this one before?

    A group of us 20 year olds were sharing a ski chalet. We had a older sister along, mother to 2 of the younger people, as our chaperone. She was divorced, a mother of six now adult jws.

    We were told it had to be a married couple. It just happens that 2 of the skiers were married to each other, but only 20 years old, no children.

    Yes, they were qualified to be chaperones but not the mother of six now jw children in good standing. Divorced by her non-jw husband by no choice of her own.

    Later the other elders said he was expressing his personal opinion (yet threatening us with loss of privileges).

    Later he was df'd for fooling around with a sister he was "shepherding" without another person with him.....

  • 3rdgen

    I totally agree that the borg is OBSESSED with sex. I started dating in the late 60's before the emphasis of dating being only for marriage and the admonition of chaperones. I dated a handful of guys aged 16-21. We went to witness parties, picnics, all day outings on the beach, out to dinner, movies etc. The only chaperones were at the parties. Yes, we spent some time making out but I was a virgin when I married and so were my boyfriends. HOWEVER, I married at 17 because my boyfriend wanted to have sex and there was no other acceptable way. Fast forward 30 years. I am a scripturely free woman in my late 40's. An Elder wants to have a cup of coffee with me but we can't because my divorce was held up and not yet final! After it was final he bought me a hamberger at the CA. The whole cong was buzzing that we were a couple........because of ONE HAMBERGER????!!!! We couldn't sit together at the meetings until we were What is anyone going to do in their seats at the KH? And how would being engaged change anything that happens in your seat? Ridiculous Idiotic cult!!!!

  • frogonmytoe

    Being a gay JW is great, no one suspects you of needing a chaperone for someone of the SAME sex...

  • BackseatDevil

    So being both gay and the "golden boy" of the congregation had it's perks. EVERYONE who was dating wanted me as a chaperone. One, the elders in the congregation wouldn't ask questions because 'as long as James is there it's okay'. Two, I would always end up taking off on my own for whatever reason which meant whoever was dating would get actual private time together. They didn't ask what I was doing, I didn't ask what they were doing, and everyone was happy.

    Once on a road trip where we were bringing back two cars and a young (and fairly horny) couple drove half the way by themselves. That got us in a little bit of trouble, but that was easily dismissed because (my idea) they wanted to discuss the seriousness of where the relationship was going and reasonable expectations for each other. LOL.

    Another time (and this is stupid) I got talked to because I went out to lunch from my office and a single sister happened to be at the same restaurant. So we sat together. At the end of our meal, an elder and his wife walk in and sees us. And we laughed because it looked like a lunch date. We were talked to JUST to make sure... but we weren't in any serious trouble.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Reading all these amazing stories, I wonder if this is mainly USA focused. Living in the Netherlands, my wife and I never had a chaperone while dating - while we both already lived on our own. We also drove a lot in the car together and never got even one comment about this. I can also honestly not recall any other dating couples having chaperones. Can any non-USA members, preferably European comment on this.

  • Brother of the Hawk
    Brother of the Hawk

    My wife and I totally embarrassed my elder cousin and the man named John when they came to investigate our apostasy. The story goes like this. Gojira 101 was dating her husband and my cousin elder made us jump through hoops to make sure they were always properly chaperoned. We did EVERYTHING we were told to do.. They get married. Now My cousin Who I will just refer to as "B" (female) starts to date this elder friend of N.E. and I. BTW my wife introduced them. So after only 2 dates which N.E. chaperoned one and I the other. The elder in front on my family including Gojira and her husband says loud and clear. " Chaperones at our age is ridiculous!" After this statement they start to date without chaperones. Now "B" was living with us at that time. These un-chaperoned dates lasted way past midnight and "B" bragged about their parking. At one point they parked in my driveway till 1am. They got married. Now keep in mind N.E. and I pointed this out to John and Elder cousin. and called him a hypocrite, making us jump through hoops while he and "B" kept us up till 1am parking in my driveway. The look on his face was PRICELESS!!!! We added insult to injury when NE said " and that's why Gojira and her husband did not want a shepherding call from you." We have NOT heard a word since then, and it's been over 2 months. Affectionately: Brother of the Hawk (I will surrender my mind no more,forever)

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    In Australia it's the same as what the US exes have described here. I thi k the northern Europeans probably have a more mature view of sex and dating and more respect for personal boundaries.

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