Hello All! Like many of you here I was raised as a J-dub from birth. For a long time I actually believed the BS that the WT put out. I wasn't as extreme as some others who were in, and I always kept an open mind. I used to work hard to reach out and was liked by many from inside the Org and looked to as an example. I had a real life changing and traumatic experience which changed how I looked at the Borg. I've always looked at apostate websites, and stumble upon this one, and after a weekend of looking at it, my faith in the Borg was shot. I approached some of the elders in the hall to ask them questions about some of what I've learned, and like many of you here who have done the same thing I couldn't get a straight answer. I approached my parents about some of the questions I've had. I wasn't able to get a decent answer from them about anything. My dad is an elder and really open minded and reasonable (I think he has his doubts but doesn't express them because he genuinely tries to provide comfort for others in his hall). I still have a lot of good friends who are still in and a lot of friends who aren't witnesses at all. I haven't left only because of my family and the few friends who are in. I've faded and moved on with my life. As much as I hate that I ever got baptized I feel lucky that I've been able to get out early. I've got a lot of friends who are either stuck in dead end jobs(because they couldn't or didn't go to college due to counsel from the Borg) are in loveless marriages (mainly because they got married way too young for obvious reasons, and can't get a divorce) or they're just plain are weird because of being raised a JW. I've got a good job, just finished up college and have a good chance to move up in the business world. Fortunately enough I didn't get stuck in a loveless marriage, or ended up getting married to young.