What Was The Very First Thing That Came Across Your Eyes That Lead You Down The Road To Doubt?

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  • bobld

    The generation that saw 1914 would NOT pass away BEFORE THE END.Also told to wait for

    the GB/FDS to explain their beliefs.Than told are you not happy that you waited for the

    GB/FDS to give a new clear understanding of::::generation,sheep&goats,144,000,etc,etc.

    Than they go back in their history and say aren't you happy that the LIGHT is getting brighter

    and brighter in these last days.because the end is, close ,around the corner, last hour, of this system.

    The big ONE was in the 2000 wt 6 reasons the end is near,one of them being the GB/FDS is getting

    really old and some would be around to see the END..NOT.However,I for one could not say anything

    to their faulty reasoning W/O being given the boot for apostasy.Also the BIG BIG BIG BIG lie about

    the voluntary donations.We all know that the WBTS prints the WT/A month ahead of time.These MAGs

    were already in our hands with the asking cost(price) in each MAGS.However it was to late to recall

    these mags. so we had to offer them to the public under false pretense.Then in the printed

    bound volumes they deleted the page which had the asking price.There are many discrepancies

    in what they say, however it is hard to know what is true and what is false because they change

    so many things and try and delated from thier history(as the example of the v donations).


  • suchafool

    I'd have to say it was online going to websites I wasn't suppose to be on. Apostate sites. I was having doubts about teachings and I had stop reading the mags. so my mind was not being pounded with watchtower teaching as before. Everyone kept saying to read this amazing book, "Crisis of Con." So I found it online. I felt guilty to be reading it, I kept it hide from my husband (who was never a jw). I remember reading it and coming across things I had never heard of before. I would cry thinking wow, I am such a sucker to believe this crap. I had never heard of 1975, the un, what Russell really taught, how Rutherford was. It was like I had been asleep for 10 years and just now waking up and so much had happened. Where I live no one talked about these things, so you just lived life. Small west Texas town. But it was funny, when I was reading the book, things started coming up in conversation of others, especially 1975. Maybe I just didn't pay attention to things before and now I was.

  • jaguarbass

    January 1, 1976,

    I didnt pick that religion it was forced on me by my mother.

    Thank God or fate, they set a date and proved for all the world they were frauds.

    My fire of faith went out on January 1, 76

    And my fire of anger started heating up at the same time.

  • yknot

    A congregation that was totally blind-faith allegiance to the WTS. Watching them through the eighties with their bobbing heads and lack of independent discernment caused me to resist their views (who were contrary to what my previous Elders taught). 1983's no independent thinking comment sealed me as a reformist until I happened accidently on this site and great JWDers who offered up PDFs of older material (and right in time for the Sept 2007 KM against independence from WTS supervision.) opened my world to the Rutherford era publications........from there it all tanked pretty quickly.... especially since we were once again reviewing the disaster known as the Red Rev book!

    I am grateful for Simon and all who remain here helping new ones sort through the decades of deceit.

  • abbagail

    P-e-d-o-p-h-i-l-e-s ...





  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Coffee - Thanx for sharing that. How painful your experience with loss of your dad must be.

    • The 'truth investigation' you speak of could have been my own in many ways, except I was 48 when I underwent that process, and the internet played a larger role for me at the start.
    • Your daughter was wise beyond her years at 13. The lack of brotherly love always bothered me, but I always excused it away. Most of us did that.
    • Your statement that the organization did not live up to your standards is an interesting way to put it. I felt that way too.

    Thanx again for sharing that.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    yknot - you have a PM.

  • wary

    For me, it was not untill I faced a major surgery and I decided to do some research into the blood issue so as to strengthen my resolve when the blood issue reared its head.

    This was a year ago. Needless to say my research led me to belive that I had been fed rubbish.

    I realized the fraction policy was a farce and utter hypocrisy. That led me to discover AJWRB and I was amazed that others had come to the same conclusion as myself and the site educated me further.

    The internet opened my eyes, something I was told to beware of and which I obediently obeyed, until realization set in that I was in a cult and they had controled me for 40 years.

    It then became a progression of discovering more rubbish, more strange teachings and more rubbish.

    I now find it incredible that they get involved, even to the point of trying to control medical matters of a personal nature


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I had doubts but the generation change in 1995 did it for me

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