What Was The Very First Thing That Came Across Your Eyes That Lead You Down The Road To Doubt?

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  • Quentin

    "Before you "die" to the Witness life and become liberated, you've seen and felt the lack of real love a thousand times."...Willyloman

    All it took was one time for me...I married a "bible study"...since she was not "baptized" you would have thought I brought Satan himself to the kh. I was treated bad enough, how "they" treated her was 180 degress from all that "love" jws crow about....

    That "good fruit" they yap about is rotten and fly blown...wt leaves a trail of slimy stench wherever they go...sad thing is, when your a "solid" jw you can't smell the stink...

    A bible study makes their first meeting and gets a whiff of the rotten fruit...too bad so many of us had to get our faces rubbed in it before we snapped to...

  • Quandry

    Coffee Black,

    So sorry for what happened to your dad. This is proof that their doctrinal switcheroos have cost lives!!!

    You also did a nice summary of many of the screwy things that the WTS taught in times past....but this:

    Did you know that Adam was the first Pharaoh…and he’s buried in the sphinx?

    No, I've done much research and knew everything else, but NEVER heard of this....can you find the publication that this is from? Could you provide the excerpt?

    Thanks so much.

  • coffee_black


    It was in the book Photodrama of Creation. I used to have a copy, but I don't any more. I'm sure someone does though.


  • lnunya

    The Society declaring that Jesus was raised in spirit only....and Jesus calming the deciples by saying he's not a spirit, but to touch and see that he is flesh and bone.

  • redking

    Not too long ago I was just browsing the net for information about bethel and i stumbled on new boy's bethel experience and I was curious and only read it because it was soo hilarious and I couldn't get enough. I told myself I would just pay attention to the entertainment aspect of the story and not so much the distrust and apostasy toward the org. And i started lurking looking at interesting stories and made an account just to be able to read things in the private section. Of coarse now I have more doubts about things i've been taught and am more cynical. I guess i'm at a cross road but its cool cuz my eyes have been open a lil, thanks new boy...

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