What Was The Very First Thing That Came Across Your Eyes That Lead You Down The Road To Doubt?

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  • Yizuman

    Any of you remember what was exactly the first thing that crossed your eyeballs to lead you into doubting the WTS?

  • leavingwt


  • shopaholic

    1995 generation change

  • villabolo

    I was already having doubts before because of their self glorification but the Jan 1st (?) 1979 watchtower on disfellowshipping people for joining the YMCA stands out.

  • passwordprotected

    "Be ready to obey the Governing Body" as per June 2008s (I think) Kingdom Ministry.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Oh there were many things for me,

    I guess the first and the most unbelievable thing for me was that only JW's had the hope of survining the big A.

  • tenyearsafter

    1919 as the choosing of the FDS...

  • tenyearsafter

    144,000 as an actual number

  • Lost-In-Translation

    1. Child Sexual Abuse Victims - their telling parents of abused children or those who have been sexually abused by another Witness to keep quiet so that the Watchtower does not look bad. They print Watchtower articles stating that truthfulness is important, but they instruct elders to persecute anyone who wants to go to the authorities to prosecute dangerous predators in a congregation. They actually believe that holy spirit is actually strong enough to change an abuser's inner desires to hurt children. The Watchtower Society permiting known abusers to preach door-to-door exposing children to sexual predators. The Scriptures say to remove the "wicked" from amongst them - too bad the Governing Body listens to the Legal Department regarding this instead of the Bible. The fact that they paid victims of sexual abuse and did not bother to acknowledge what happened in an article or letter to the congregations is such a cover up. When I mention what happened to other Witnesses they are shocked. They then ALWAYS say, "Why haven't we heard about this before?"

    2. The End is Coming, The End is Coming, The End is Coming - its been almost 2000 years since Jesus left the earth and nothing has changed. They painted the 20th Century as a turning point, but it came and went. Same wars, same atrocities, same regligious hatreds as in past centuries. They have been proclaiming the "END" from the 1800s, 1900s, and now 2000s. Many I grew up with are struggling financially since they were encouraged to put "kingdom interests" first - they never got a good education, can hardly support their families due to low paying jobs, and literally are unhappy with life.

  • flipper

    YIZUMAN- The first thing that really got me doubting was injustices committed by the elders. Not only in my case, but others as well. The fact that they ALWAYS gave their own personal opinions as counsel and there was no check system in place to see if these allegedly " holy spirit " appointed men were doing their jobs correctly, or not. They are given WAY too much leeway in giving out crock of $hit counsel to the rank and file publishers - without having to account for their actions.

    Also - The fact that " the end " or Armageddon never came caused me serious doubts. The fact that these people , including myself , had been lied to and told that most of the human race was going to be destroyed and an elite few of 6 million people would only survive . Ridiculous assertions. I learned that the WT society is and always has been a mind control cult which uses fear and guilt to keep it's members controlled

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