April 15th WT- Satan = Apostates = Critical Towards Brothers = Shun Them

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  • flipper

    Wow. And so the WT society tightens down the screwdriver a bit more ! One of my wife and my lurking JW friends sent us this article which has some VERY pointed words in it inciting all Jehovah's Witnesses to take an even harder line view of apostates in this recent April 15th WT.

    On pg. 6 , paragraph 15 it states , " Satan was the first creature to turn apostate. Modern-day apostates display characteristics similar to those of the Devil. Their mind may be poisoned by a critical attitude toward INDIVIDUALS in the congregation, Christian elders, or the Governing Body. " So not only arethe witnesses being told to avoid people who just criticize the elders or governing body , but NOW they are told apostates are critical of INDIVIDUALS in the congregation ! Wow. Let's see - are any of us guilty of criticizing witness pedophiles lately ?? Woops. Do you see what this a$$wipe WT society is up to ? They are trying to equate criticizing any brother or sister with being an apostate ! Doesn't matter what the brother or sister did that's illegal - but we better not criticize them or we might turn APOSTATE !

    The article continues , " Like their father Satan, apostates target people of integrity ( vomit pause ) . No wonder servants of Jehovah avoid all contact with them ! " Man oh man. So by the blatant use of word association here - the WT society is clamping down messages into the witnesses minds that by just being critical of anybody who is a witness - it's tantamount to being apostate ! Which turns a person into Satan, so therefore they are to be shunned ! What an ingenius way to keep rank and file witnesses from finding out any important information to set them free !

    I swear- the end of this mind controlling Jehovah's Witness cult can't come soon enough for me. Oh praise Allah ! Let it end already ! So give me your takes on this if you will please ! I'm curious what your opinions are of this recent spoiled garbage junk food these people are eating !! Look forward to hearing from you. Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • Hopscotch

    Flipper this article is disgusting and insulting. How dare they say that those who will not stand back and keep quiet about the lies, injustice and hypocrisy going on in the WT organisation are basically sons of Satan and are displaying characteristics of the devil. This is all the ammo that our families who are shunning us need to feel vindicated in what they are doing to us. It's sick. And they keep getting away with this type of thing.


  • rebel8

    You're right Flipper, I can't remember them ever saying critique of imperfect individuals constitutes apostacy. What's next? Thought crime? Oh, wait.....

    Then they add, avoid all contact. That goes beyond the current shunning rules.

    I think the next time I will be around dubbies, I will paint my fingernails black and wear horns. For real. Maybe it will make someone think about how stupid the gb's rules are.

    PS-Since I'm a daughter of Satan now, does that mean I have an inheritance coming when he kicks the bucket? Also, do I get any magical powers?

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Thank you for the laugh Flipper. When I read their boogie man approach to life I really do wonder how I ever took them serious.

    Over the years I have noticed that certain family member attitude toward me seems to ebb and flow. I have wonder if it depends on how they are doing as Jdubs or if it is based on the ever vacillating positions of the Watchtower.

  • rebel8

    I've begun practicing my evil cackle, but it needs a lot of work. I sound like The Count from Sesame Street.

  • villabolo

    Flipper, I had a psychiatrist officially label me as psychotic because I, an apostate, thought the witnesses were against me. Could you please provide me a scan or better yet send me a hard copy, if you have any to spare. I'll gladly pay you for the shipping otherwise a scan should be ok for my doc.

    By the way I live in a large apartment complex where the manager and most of the tenants are JWs so I genuinely feel that I'm in some danger from this hate mongering propaganda. I walk around with a tape recorder when I do my laundry because I fear that some brain screwed sister will yell rape at the mere sight of me. And the cops will believe anything that all those nice law abiding JW neighbors would tell them.


  • SnakesInTheTower


    even though I get the Kool-Aid edition of the W'tower from my JW mom in the mail (including being mailed in a white sleeve reminiscent of the old subscriptions for first-class subs...they were mailed in white sleeves too....how spooky is that?)..... but I usually only glance through the topics rarely read the articles...

    ..I pulled out my edition of that rag when I read this For more vomit inducing mind control bull$hit,read pg 8, paragraph 5:

    What precious knowledge we as Jehovah's servants have! Yes, we understand who is to blame for deteriorating world conditions. Do we not, then, feel impelled to share in the field ministry so as to inform people of the identity of the chief troublemaker? And are we not happy to stand up for the true God, Jehovah, and to explain to others how he will put an end to Satan and to mankind's woes?

    Wow, that paragraph is so wrong on so many levels. First, the Writing Committee primes the sheeple (publishers) with a feel good statement used to emphasize the veracity of the following statements. Those statements are utter bologna but because they just said it is "precious knowledge" and that they belong to that exclusive group ("Jehovah's servants"), the publishers will believe the remainder of the paragraph and article.

    Then, instead of placing blame squarely at the feet of those who cause problems (aka, "deteriorating world conditions")..that is, humans who seek only their own gain, no, let's blame Satan ...no they didnt say that in this statement...they say that at the end of the paragraph and the context of the subheading.

    Now, let's fire up the troops by pushing the sheeple (publishers) with big words like "impelled." Ironically, because the dubs are strongly discouraged from getting an advanced education past high school (and we know what a great job many public schools are doing), it is unlikely the average R&F publisher even understands the etymology (study of the roots and history of words and definitions) of the word "impel."

    Impel is a transitive verb meaning:"to urge or drive forward or on by or as if by the exertion of strong moral pressure" a synonym is "force". The word comes from the Latin in + pellere.... meaning "to drive". Its origin is from the 15th century (1400s.... lets see what was happening in the world in the late 1400s?....oh yeah.... the Spaniards were "impelling" the Indians of Mexico to become Christians... and "impelling" New World inhabitants into slavery).... hmmmmm .... how unwittingly fitting the Society's use of that word impelled in this context...or was it unwittingly? Is it an inside joke on the Writing Committee? Or do they just like to use big words to impress the flock?

    I wonder how many of the R&F will go to the door and start so as to informcarrying on about Satan? Have you looked at a .pdf of a Kingdom Ministry lately? Absolutely no mention of Satan anywhere in door-to-door presentations. Yeah, the public already thinks the JWs at the door are a bit off anyway.

    "And are we not happy..." yeah,... no matter how miserable they really are, they will insist they are happy doing this mindless drone work. However, I am fairly certain that the average length of a conversation at the door with a non-pscyho, contented, happy (and not desperately lonely) householder will be less than a minute...and that is if the publisher doesn't just hurry through their 30 second presentation as if their a$$ is on fire.

    Huh...damn flipper, I do not know where that came from .... people should let sleeping dogs snakes lie. Now I see why I don't read those articles. lol

    Snakes ()

  • apocryphal22


    I know your joking but I remember a guy that actually did that. He wore all black and painted his car black. Then he added batmobile like wings to his car and called it the "holy-spirit-mobile". He would circle the KH in it every memorial. Then one year he just parked a block down the street. I saw him later out in service and asked what happened to his little parade this year. He said "demons" prevented him from approching the KH so he had to park.

    I miss meeting "interesting" people...

  • Outaservice

    A few years back every publication of the Watchtower Society was pushing 1914! Now of course, that is slowly being disregarded.

    The new 'push' is ' Watch out for them dangerous Apostates' they're everywhere!

    Me thinks the Watchtower Organization is 'running a little scared' lately!

    Outaservice (Not an apostate against God, but certainly an apostate of the Organization)

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Your right Flipper , they sound like they are trying to tighten the brain vise on to people a little more, this also as the intension

    of heighten the fear factor revolving around apostates as they call them, there's millions of them everywhere , on the inter-net,

    out in the streets in your community, even at the assemblies, all the evil children of Satan.

    .....Say thats even starting to even scare me a little and I'm a atheist

    The examining and exploratory thesis of the JWS is all over the inter-net and they are indeed very worried and concerned.

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