JW Mom killed in house

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  • james_woods

    Eleven blows to the head is not a "breaking and entering" crime of opportunity.

    This is a hate-revenge crime from someone who knew the victim.

    What was he doing with 1 million in recent life insurance, anyway? Wonder how much she had on him?

    Yes, I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but I am also for swift and sure justice for the victim.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    JW's reading and logic skills, or lack thereof, are betrayed in these comments.

    It doesn't say that he bought a life insurance policy for his wife. No, it says that he bought three of them for her just weeks before her death. Age of person, number of policies, and timing between purchase and death are everything.

  • mjarka911

    I feel like I'm bad luck. He's my cousin and I live in Bolingbrook less than 1/2 mile from Drew Peterson!

  • nelly136

    mjarka, you may happen to be related to one and live near another but things happen and its absolutely nothing to do with you being 'bad luck'

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    just so sad

  • fjtoth

    More comments to the press from readers who are obviously JWs:

    From "Stop and think":

    Before you run off and convict the man, stop and think about the evidence we're being given. All the evidence so far is circumstantial and can be easily distorted; this alone should make us skeptical. We are told insurance was purchased for his wife two weeks before she died; what we are not told is whether he purchased insurance for himself as well. Was the insurance in effect at the time of her death? (When I got life insurance it took a month for it to kick in). It wasn’t mentioned that a month before her death they had a close friend die unexpectedly, and how that could have been a motivation for getting insurance. After we see how a tragic event can ruin someone’s life, we all suddenly go out and make changes to ours.

    Then there is the claim that they had plenty of formula. I would love to know who decided how many cans of formula make a plenty, because anyone who has ever had a kid knows you can never have plenty of anything they need. So, we should convict a man because he liked to have more formula than the D.A. deems reasonable? Finally, there’s the 911 call, I cannot believe people are willing to condemn a man to death over 26 seconds. Are we do believe the man was not grief stricken, or at the very least in shock. How many of you who rush to judge this man have come home to find your spouse murdered? How does anyone know what their reaction would be? Would we be stricken with fear, anger, or would we just collapse on the floor in tears? What would be the first word out of our mouths? No one can say what they would do, if it has never happened to them. So let’s refrain from judging, for this may just be an innocent man who has lost the woman he loved.

    From "Friend":

    I like Stop and thinks comments. First of all, the baby was at home at the time of the murder. If Kelle walked in and saw his house ransacked he would have called 911 immediately. He wouldn't have known about his wife until he got upstairs. That could have easily taken 26 seconds. Also, Kelle could have gotten a different formula that the baby liked. Maybe the formula they had on hand was one that the baby didn't like! There was a lot of jewelry stollen. There backyard backs up to Date street. The person doing this could have hopped the fence without being seen by neighbors. I think the police only looked at one person and didn't even attempt to see if possibly someone else could have done this. Also, I keep seeing wrong reports that both kids were spending the night at the grandparents. I know for a fact that the baby was at the house the whole time. As far as it was widely known that this couple had domestic dispute - that is a bunch of bull. I've known the couple for 20 years and I've known them as a wonderful loving couple!!

    Among the scores of comments submitted by persons who are apparently not JWs, there is a lot of concern for the two children. That concern seems to be lacking in the JW comments.


  • LovesDubs

    I knew two minutes after this thread was started that he did it. Waaaaaaaay too many "coincidences" for this to be ANYBODY else. Anybody ever watch "Snapped!" on Oxygen? EVERYONE is capable of murder.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    for me it was the fact that they found she had been hit 11 times, if you are just going to steal from a home you wouldn't waste your time killing the poor lady, you might just knock her out or tie her up. Sorry but 11 blows to the head its personal and someone didn't want her to survive and identify

  • GoddessRachel

    This is all so tragic. I can't decide if I'm more disturbed by what actually happened or by the obviously JW responses to the news article. All of it is just so twisted and awful.

    I just cannot fathom how someone could ever be THIS greedy to do this to their wife, to someone they supposedly are life partners with, someone they are supposed to love dearly! OK, I know he's not yet been convicted, but what we have seen so far seems to point to him. Forensic evidence is sure to follow.

    I wish there was a way to find out how Kelle Jarka's congregation is reacting to all of this. Has it been determined that he is/was an elder, or is that just hearsay?

    (((((((mjarka))))))))) so sorry - please don't feel like this in any way has to do with you and your luck!

  • sister2

    Thank you once again to the Murrieta Police Dept and the entire investigation team on behalf of Isabelle's family. We know how much hard work you did day/night, how much evidence you painstakinly studied and your utmost level of professionalism throughout. Our grief is inconsolable. We cry for a sister, a devoted wife, a loving daughter, and an exemplary mother. We miss your smile. We miss your laugh. Your children miss you and your friends from near and far miss you. We miss you each and every day. Our lives have forever beeen changed. I remember us playing together when we were little, i remember your beauty inside and out even as a little girl. You were taken away from us much too soon. Even when I cry for you in the dark of the night when I can't sleep, you still remain the light at the tip of my candle.. I love you now, I love you forever, your sister...

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