JW Mom killed in house

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  • Dagney
    No, he is/was not an elder. He was a "brother" (hard to write that ) in good standing in the congregation from what I was told.

    I was wrong about this.

    A mutual friend told me yesterday Kelle Jarka definitely was an elder.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    humm I will have to make a phone call and confirm this.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Well I just heard that yes he was an Elder

  • blondie

    Murrieta man charged with murder in wife's death

    Kelle Jarka, 39, was deep in debt, and in the weeks before Isabelle Jarka's killing took out life insurance policies in her name valued at more than $1 million, Murrieta police Sgt. Jim Ganley said.


  • Mr.Biggelsworth

    KJ has plead not guilty and the DA has not made a decision on the death penalty yet. I have not found any statements by his attorney and am interested to see how this plays out. I know the info presented looks all bad for him but the children are alive and by pleading not guilty it is only going to make it harder on everyone. He will get his day in court, at least as good as the taxpayer is willing to pay for.


  • fjtoth

    The Californian
    Oceanside, California

    MURRIETA: Man pleads not guilty in wife's murder

    Kelle Jarka could face the death penalty as prosecutors allege motive of financial gain

    By JOHN HALL - Staff Writer | Wednesday, June 4, 2008 7:17 PM PDT

    Kelle Lee Jarka appeared at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley on Wednesday for his arraignment in the alleged murder of his wife. (Photo by Steve Thornton - Staff Photographer)

    FRENCH VALLEY ---- A Murrieta man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he murdered his wife for about $1 million of insurance.

    Kelle Lee Jarka, 39, quietly answered questions from Judge Judith Clark at his arraignment at Southwest Justice Center

    Through his attorney, Deputy Public Defender Tracy Macuga, Jarka entered the not guilty plea and also denied an allegation by the prosecution that the murder was committed for financial gain.

    The district attorney's office alleges that Jarka killed his wife, Isabelle, about two weeks after taking out life insurance policies of about $1 million, listing him as the beneficiary.

    The financial gain allegation legally allows District Attorney Rod Pacheco's office to seek the death penalty, but Pacheco has made no decision yet to do so.

    Isabelle Jarka, 40, was found brutally beaten to death on April 28 in the master bedroom of the couple's home on Tamarisk Street in Murrieta.

    A coroner's autopsy later determined she had been hit at least 11 times on the head with a blunt object, which police have not been able to find.

    About 8:45 the morning of the murder, Kelle Jarka called 911 to report that he returned home after a short shopping trip to find the home broken into, ransacked and his wife's body upstairs, Murrieta police have said.

    Police say it took Jarka 26 seconds into the call before he told a dispatcher that his wife was dead, detectives have said.

    Detectives say, after nearly a month investigating the murder, that Isabelle Jarka was not killed by a random burglar. Police believe Jarka came up with a story about the break-in and ransacked the home himself to cover up the murder they say he committed.

    The errands Jarka said he was out doing when his wife was killed included getting baby formula for the couple's infant, but police say they found plenty of formula in the home.

    Jarka was arrested May 22 and remains in custody, being held without the possibility of bail.

    His next court hearing is scheduled for later this month when attorney's on both sides will meet to further discuss the case.

    Contact staff writer John Hall at (951) 676-4315, Ext. 2628, or [email protected].

  • fjtoth

    The Temecula Valley News
    Temecula, California
    Friday, June 6 th , 2008.
    Issue 23, Volume 12.

    Husband pleads not guilty

    Isabelle Jarka’s mother Tina Canchola, front, and sister Laura McGraw leave the Southwest Justice Center Wednesday, June 4, 2008 after Kelle Jarka was arraigned for his wife’s murder.

    On Wednesday at the Southwest Justice Center, Murrieta resident Kelle Jarka, 39, pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder with a special circumstances allegation of his wife Isabelle, 40.

    At 8:45 a.m. on April 28, Jarka made a 9-1-1 call from his home in the 39600 block of Tamarisk Street.

    Police were suspicious of Jarka when he mentioned his house had been broken into but did not tell police right away that his wife had been attacked.

    Isabelle’s bloodied and unconscious body was found in the couple’s master bedroom when police arrived at 8:50 a.m.

    Investigators believe Jarka ransacked his own home to look like the scene of a burglary and then tried to destroy some incriminating evidence, a press release stated.

    April 30, Riverside County Sheriff’s officers outfitted in diving gear brought more than one metal item out of Harveston Lake in Temecula in a search for the murder weapon.

    On May 22, Kelle Jarka was arrested and charged.

    Less than a month before the murder, Jarka bought a life insurance policy for his wife for more than $1 million, which gave detectives reason to believe he killed Isabelle for money.

    According to police, Jarka is the sole beneficiary on the policy.

    The couple have two children, a 6-month-old and a 12-year-old.

    If convicted on the charges, Jarka faces the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty.

  • fjtoth

    Garage sale to help children of slain Murrieta woman
    By The Californian | Wednesday, June 18, 2008 7:10 PM PD

    MURRIETA ---- A neighborhood garage sale will be held Friday and Saturday to help raise money for the two children of a Murrieta woman found murdered in her home.

    Isabelle Jarka, 40, was found brutally beaten to death April 28 in the couple's home on Tamarisk Street in Murrieta. Her 38-year-old husband, Kelle, was arrested May 22 and charged with the murder.

    The Jarka children, a 12-year-old daughter and a 6-month-old son, are being cared for by their grandparents. Kristine Scott, who lives a couple of homes away from the Jarka home, said she felt compelled to help.

    "We are just trying to raise money for the children who have been left behind in this," Scott said. "They are real heavy on my heart right now."

    She and other neighbors have been collecting items for the sale, which Scott said will begin at 7 a.m. each day and run until they decide to stop.

    The response has been so good, Scott said, that she now has volunteers who will be helping out in shifts.

    Items being sold are expected to range from clothing to furniture and there will also be a donation jar, Scott said. The garage sale will be held on Tamarisk Street, near Date Street and Willow Crest Drive.


    Not to be critical, but I'm wondering: Does anyone know what JWs are doing to help these children?


  • Honesty

    Not to be critical, but I'm wondering: Does anyone know what JWs are doing to help these children?


    Taking them out in Field Service.

    Taking them to the meetings.

    Studying Watchtower Society publications with them.

  • fjtoth

    The above article about the street sale has been moved to the following page:


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