Your most memorable Kingdom Hall meeting disruptions!

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  • legalchickie

    I was married to an "worldly" man who refused to let me take our children to the hall, i would have to get a sitter if he wasn't home. one nite for the service meeting he was out drinking and i decided i would take the kids anyhow. about halfway into the meeting, he came in and stood at the back of the hall, totally wasted and said in very loud voice that he was there to get his kids. i was so embarrassed! i left and drove the boys home since he was drunk and i wouldn't let them go with him.

  • Dorktacular

    We had a strange guy who was "studying" at the time. He was way too friendly with little kids, now that I'm a lot older I think he was probably a flaming pedophile..... but anyway... Before the meeting one Tuesday night, we smell matches. This guy was downstairs lighting them and throwing them in the B school room. My dad caught him. I'm not sure what the result of that confrontation was, but I bet it had to be interesting.

    Another time there was a robbery at the restaurant across the parking lot. The robber came in the Kingdom Hall and sat down with the rest of us. We had no clue who or what he was at the time. That is, until the police ran in and handcuffed him.

  • kwintestal

    First one I recall was in 1988 in Hamilton, ON and just before the meeting was about to start there was an announcement, "Anyone who has their car parked on the right side of the parking lot, please move it. The house next door is on fire and the firetrucks need to get access." So, of course everyone runs outside to see the house on fire. This was especially hard because the person who lived in the house was a JW who donated or sold (whatever) the land to the congregation. As I recall he was taken to the hospital with smoke inhilation and his non-JW son who I had heard was rumoured to have started the fire had major burns on his hands and arms. He showed up at the meeting a couple Sunday's later with bandages all over his hands and then we never saw him again. The meeting started a bit late that night (needless-to-say).

    Another time, my brother puked during the CO's talk in a full hall. Of course we were sitting right at the front and it was ALL over the place.

    At an assembly in Dartmouth, NS, one of the local apostates (crazy, crazy man even the non-JW's would kick them out of their places) walked across the ice level of the arena wearing a Burger King crown yelling, "I'm your king! Worship me!"


  • Layla33
    At an assembly in Dartmouth, NS, one of the local apostates (crazy, crazy man even the non-JW's would kick them out of their places) walked across the ice level of the arena wearing a Burger King crown yelling, "I'm your king! Worship me!"

    I think I would have paid hard money to see that. LOL!

  • blkblk13

    I remember this one time after the meeting had ended everyone was hanging around and talking, in the old days @ our hall everyone used to stay afterwards for a really long time till we arranged 2 meet up @ Applebys lol, anyway it was after the meeting there was this blind sister who had been in the truth for a while and afterwards she would be left sitting in her seat and people would always go up and sit by her and talk 2 her. This elder was talking 2 her and I guess he was asking about her family and if any were in the "truth". She stands up and screams @ the top of her lungs and I mean red-faced vein popping SCREAMING! "I DON'T HAVE ANY FAMILY IN THE TRUTH O.K. SO STOP ASKING ME BECAUSE I DONT HAVE FAMILY IN THE TRUTH" and then she sat down. The elder asked her why she screamed and she very frustratedly said "Im just tired of people asking me." The hall was silent. She was blind but I knew she could feel all eyes on her. lol. I felt bad 4 her. Especially when the whispering started b/c w/ the heightned hearing of a blind person Im sure could hear every word and recognize every voice. The elder's wife was standing next 2 me and she said under her brearth "That crazy..." I didn't really hear what the crazy was followed by but Im sure it wasn't complimentary. But the blind sister was immediatly ushered into the little elders room. I was sooo happy that we weren't assigned to give her a ride home that night. lol. Talk about akward for whatever family had to do it.

  • blkblk13

    Oh, I haven't thought about this one in a long time but I was like 5 and my mom had served spaghetti for dinner b/f the meeting and Ive always had eyes bigger than my stomach and I asked for seconds (the sin of gluttony committed early my life, soon to be followed by many others lol). So when we get to the KH it was theocratic ministry school and I was feeling really sick but I was taught 2 be a very well-behaved exemplarary boy and I didn't say anything. Anyway, I threw up spaghetti all over the kingdom hall floor in my row. It was particularly foul b/c my dad has a fondness for putting ketchup in spaghetti so the smell meat and pasta and tomato sauce and ketchup was awful. The family in front of us all immediately moved except for the father who was an unbeliever. I do remember my mom taking me into the sisters bathroom which was the first time I had ever been in there since infancy. I thought that was cool cuz the colors were all pink and it didn't smell like urinal cakes. lol.

  • blkblk13

    And there was this one family who had this old station wagon that was really broke down and beat up. Everything was falling apart and the brakelights didn't work so they had these to red lights connected to the top it was just a mess. But our KH was on top of a hill and there was a drop off on two sides of the parking lot and it was surrounded by a chainlink fence. One of the dropoffs there was a street below on the other drop off there was someone's backyard w/ a pool. The family came to the Kingdom hall and he was parking and when he went to stop the brakes went out and he kept going (this was the drop off w/ the pool below but it was winter so it was empty, and we're talking about easily 30 feet straight down) and he took out the concrete parking curb thing and went through the fence and was basically tettering on the edge. they had to climb out back through the trunk of the station wagon to get out. lol.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I remember this one pioneer sister in our hall who always had studies coming to meetings. One guy that she brought to the memorial drank the wine when it was passed to him. He took a huge gulp! She was so embarrased. And it was the talk of the cong. for the next little while. I guess they didn't have much else to talk about, so they had to make a big deal out of it. It was pretty funny though.


  • Mutz

    At a local JW wedding one of the guests sons, who has downs syndrome, spotted a couple of Super Soakers in the back of a car. During the service he slipped out and grabbed one, came in the KH and proceeded to drench the entire front row of guests.

  • flipper

    Great thread ! I have 2 very memorable experiences - I will never forget.

    1. In 1982 I was being interviewed on stage at a circuit assembly with other pioneers. There was a 83 year old sister sitting next to me who had gone up to the microphone to give her experience. After finishing she sat down next to me and had a massive heart attack ! The 2,000 people in the audience gasped ! Her head rested on my shoulder , and at first I just thought she passed out ! But , I noticed it might be more serious and quickly motioned to another brother sitting on stage a few feet from me to help me carry her off stage !

    We laid her down behind the curtain backstage and the brother tried giving her CPR . Then nurses ran backstage from the audience trying to get her heart going again ! Finally after 5 minutes a nurse got her heart going ; but she was brain dead as she had lost too much oxygen. She died 2 weeks later when the family took her off life support . I was always pissed off at the brother doing the part as he did not stop the assembly but kept doing the interviews as the sister laid back behind the curtain- dead. The brother and myself still had to go out and give our experiences after carrying this sister off the stage ! Caused me to have real beginning questions about how the organization operates !

    2. The second experience in 1998 involved a middle age brother who knew about another brother committing child abuse in the congregation. Apparently dismayed that the elders were doing nothing about this pedophile in their midst ; after the Watchtower study ended , this brother jumped up on the stage , grabbed the microphone from the WT conductor and yelled, " Brother so and so sitting over there is a child molester ! He has molested several girls in the congregation over some years now and if you are a parent please protect your children from this man ! " You could have heard a pin drop ! Then the WT conductor grabbed the microphone back from the brother and said, " Brothers and sisters - we have the situation under control ! It is being handled ! " Yeah, right. But that brother who pointed out the pedophile became my new hero of the day ! It wasn't until years later when I found out how much pedophilia is hidden in the organization ; that I fully understood why this brother felt compelled to take matters into his own hands and call out the pedophile publicly ! Unbelievable ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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