Your most memorable Kingdom Hall meeting disruptions!

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  • littleblueuk

    I can't bear the smell or taste of seafood..once when I was about 4 on a Thursday night before the meeting my mother made me eat fish fingers. She had a talk that night and my sister and I sat up front so we could see her. Right in the middle of the talk I threw up!!!

    One of the sisters came running up and threw me over her shoulder and took me back to the bathroom. I was screaming on my way there, "my mother made me eat fish!!"

    Another time when I was about 13 my mother asked me to be her "householder" since I guess the original one bagged it. All I had to say was no in response to her initial question. I forgot what the question was. But anyway, after the "pretend" knock and her question to which I was supposed to respond no to, I said yes instead. It really threw her. There was a long pause and people started whispering. After about 30 seconds I said, well, I suppose not since that's what you want me to say. I got yelled at afterwards.

  • dogisgod

    I remember a street drunk sitting in the back during the memorial and he drank the entire glass of wine.

    Two brothers yelling right before the meeting one yelling, "You stay away from my wife!!!!!!!"

    People smacking their kids and then taking them to the "spanking room" hauling them by one arm that grew in length as they were dragged back there. Some would yell, "Not the spanking room, Not the spanking room".

    The "spanking room" was also a library and a second school. I walked in there on a brother and his wife having a verbal knock down drag out.

    Had a Norwegan elderly brother who was kind of loosing it mentally who would always raise his hand to answer at the WT and would go on Norwegian.

    When my dad would come to meetings he would time the brothers prayers to see who gave the longest. He would also stop by a store on the way home from the memorial and by Mogan David wine and we would all have some when we got home.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Ohh, these are great stories everyone!!

    One time at our bookstudy a brother said the word "sh!t" in his answer. He didn't even care. He was so worked up I'm not even sure he noticed.

    Another time, during a demonstration two brothers got a serious case of the giggles. I mean serious! They were in their 20's or early 30's. The one was trying so hard to control his laughter that when he spoke, it sounded really high pitched, like he had just sucked on a helium balloon. The entire cong. were killing themselves laughing and no one could get the meeting under control. This went on for about 15 or so mins.

    Once a sister burst into tears during her comment. She didn't try to control it either. She was loudly sobbing into the microphone. She would apologize and keep on crying...that was awkward!

    I remember the whole skirt in the nylons thing a lot happened to me once as well.

    Hmm, that is all I can think of at the moment.


  • Hope4Others

    On sister Kieled over at the meeting as she stood up, one brother grabbed her in his arms but she died right there. it

    was a very sad time for all. The ambulance came but it was too late.


  • thepackage

    One Sunday a young pioneer Sister left the WT study early and as she pull out of the parking lot she got into a huge, and I mean huge car accident!!! About six cars where involved! the funny part was, she was only 18 years old and after meeting as everybody was stuck at the KH as the police and tow-truck came to clean up the mess, the trunk of her car opened and she had a ton of beer!!!!!!

    Another time a Sister was walking off stage after her talk and she took an ugly fall!!!! blood everywhere, she cut her lip and busted her noise.

  • FlyingHighNow

    It was in Cartersville and a bible student's angry husband came in during the meeting one night and tried to literally yank her out of the KH. The brothers jumped in and stopped him. They escorted him out of the hall. He made death threats against the PO and from then on, the doors were locked during the beginning song and a brother was posted at the doors during all meetings as security. If you were late for the meeting, you had to beg him to let you inside.

  • yknot

    KH Bass Playing Brother went Crazy....

    We had live music at our KH back in the 70's (Piano, Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, and Violin). Anyways I am not sure how old I was but it was after 1975. I remember he busted through the side door, wearing a maroon polyester suit with black trimmed lapels and an Afro bigger then my daddy's (he normally wore his hair slicked back). He started screaming really loud at the congregation holding his black guitar case in one hand. What he was screaming about I am not sure, just his appearance and Brothers Martin and Tom trying to calm him down and get him walking to the Elder room.

    Whatever it was about he left and we saw him two nights later all normal again...

    It made an impression bigger then the guy who streaked the DC in Houston during baptism.

  • Gerard

    Hi, this is Gerry's wife, Rowan.

    When I was in my early teens, back in the old hall in the city where I grew up, the hall had two levels, the main one, with a central platform and a second floor that was like a balcony (it was an old hall from the time when the society didn't hand out the blueprints, it later had to be remodeled). the people in the second level could participate in the meetings just fine, as long as they raised their voice (no sound equipment).

    well, for like a month, we had this bum coming to the meeting every sunday and sitting in the first row of the main level. and one sunday this VERY emphatic brother that sounded pentecostal whenever he comented gave a 5 minute diatribe that sounded like a political speech from the balcony. the bum stood up, looked back and up to the balcony and started applauding and yelling "BRAVO, BRAVO". He was escorted out and never graced us again with his presence.

    another time, a newcomer had a fit during the final prayer, her eyes went out and she started screaming. we all thought she had demons. I was a kid then, and it was scary.

  • FlyingHighNow
    the bum stood up, looked back and up to the balcony and started applauding and yelling "BRAVO, BRAVO". He was escorted out and never graced us again with his presence.

    Poor old soul.

  • crazyblondeb

    no gunfire anybody? not even through a window?..................oompa

    Yep, at mom's bookstudy. I'm just glad she "wasn't feeling well that night"!!

    Investigation continues into Columbia shooting

    By Mark Slavit
    Posted: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at 4:29 p.m.

    COLUMBIA -- Columbia police investigators say a shooting outside a Jehovah’s Witness assembly hall is a possible hate crime. Witnesses say a masked man opened fire on a group of worshipers as they were leaving the hall about nine o’clock Monday night. An unidentified woman was shot, but not seriously injured. We discovered there are many unanswered questions surrounding the shooting.

    Columbia police investigators have very little evidence and just a few clues regarding the shooting at Columbia’s Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    We do know that witnesses to the crime could only say the shooter was a man, about 5’8” tall and weighed about 160 pounds. The suspect fired several times into a group of worshippers.

    An unidentified 36-year-old woman was shot several times, but her wounds are not life threatening. Investigators are not ruling out a hate crime since the shooting occurred at a place of worship.

    “We’ve talked to the victim on at least one occasion,” explains Columbia Police Captain Brad Nelson. “She’s not having any problems with anybody that she knows of. So to answer your question, there is not a motive at this point as to why we have this victim. If she was the intended target, we’re not sure why nor is she, if it was just shooting into a group and hitting her or if she was the intended target. We’re not sure.”

    Authorities say four different congregations use this assembly hall during the week.

    I tried to talk to members of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses and they told me they were instructed not to talk to the media and let the police handle all interviews. One thing they did tell investigators is that they think the shooting was premeditated.

    Investigators told me the shooter waited for his victims near the door of the assembly hall. Witnesses say he just didn’t walk up to building and start firing. Police still don’t know if the wounded woman was the intended victim or who pulled the trigger.

    Last I heard, they think it was "gang" related. Something about a sister's son...........

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