Your most memorable Kingdom Hall meeting disruptions!

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  • dissed

    In order of interest.......

    The speaker died of an heart attack during his talk

    A husband of a new attendie came in and drug his wife screaming out of the KH. This happened at the back of the KH and the attendant tired to stop him and got punched out.

    My Bible study stood up at his first meeting univited and started to speak. The speaker yielded to him. He said trully God's spirit is with you people and he would get all his relative to come as well. The audience applauded. He quit studying and never came again. His family set him staight about the JW's.

    Once while being in the back of the KH, I saw two guys came in the door wearing sunglasses, tank tops, very short-shorts, and sandals. Everyone noticed but I approached them and offered to help. They were a CO and DO on vacation visiting from Belgium and just happened to see the KH. That looked strange especially as our CO was speaking that evening. We exchanged addresses and became good friends, visiting each other several times over the years.

    An Apostate came into the memorial with the attempt to disrupt it. I went up to her and told her she was welcome as long as she was quiet. She said FU and stared at me a few and left.

    Our wireless mics were cheap and not shielded. They could pick up truckers on their CB's disrupting the meetings. The best one was during a prayer as Carl was talking, you could clearly hear a trucker saying, "Ten-four you bastard" Some started to chuckle, while a buddy of mine said loudly for all to hear, "Carl made contact!" The whole congregation laughed. Carl quit and said, "I guess the meetings over"

  • sacolton

    Only one. The son of an elder was reading the Watchtower study and he suddenly fainted on stage knocking over one of the artificial trees. A few months later, he died. Apparently, he had a brain tumor and his parents didn't want to have the surgery which required a blood transfusion.

  • undercover

    I've seen a few disturbances over the years. A deranged person tried to take control of the podium and give his own speech. He timed it pretty good...he got up right before it was time for the chairman to get up and most of the audience was already in their seats. But he didn't get to say much... he was forcibly removed.

    Another disturbance wasn't during a public meeting but a judicial committee meeting. A worldly husband stormed in and beat the living shit out of a brother who had had an affair with his JW wife. The elders just watched. They said later, if he hadn't messed around he wouldn't have gotten beat up.

    The disturbance I would have loved to have seen would have been Little Toe's last public talk...when he disassociated himself during his talk and walked out of the hall, never to return. That would have been something to have seen.

  • Girlie

    Here were some of the memorable KH disruptions I have witnessed:

    1) A bi-polar sister was in a crying and screaming fit during a book study. When the paramedics arrived and were able to calm her down, she kept loudly stating, "I committed fornication against Jehovah."

    2) During a SM, the sound system picked up frequency from a local church and blarred out the church singing a song with the words, "Coming to the Lord!" (lol)

    3) Although not a KH disruption, but an old PO of my former congregation stated that they received the KH phone bill and found a number of 1-900 psychic hotline calls on the bill. Thus, banning all minors from using the phones at the KH.

  • Brocephus

    The elders just watched. They said later, if he hadn't messed around he wouldn't have gotten beat up.

    LMAO!!!!!!! Ha ha.... Hey I remember my Dad telling me about the brothers watching the stage at the Conventions had to keep their eyes open during prayer b/c legally if someone stormed the stage and took the mic we would have to let them speak if they had the floor because it was a "public" meeting in a "public place". This was in the U.S. Anyone got thoughts on this? I asked him what we would do, he said if the person refused to shut up we would all just leave and let him talk to empty chairs I guess.

  • Dagney

    1.) When I was little, an unhappy husband of a woman who was studying came to the Sunday meeting with a brown bag containing some meat. He came after the meeting started and came and sad in the middle of the hall. His intent was to disrupt the meeting pointing out about the residual blood in the meat we all ate. He stood up, attendents came and there was a ruckus, and the cops were called. Very exciting for a 9yr old.

    2.) The best were over a few years with an elderly sister with Alzheimers. She made many memorable outbursts, including cursing. Then her husband would give her the elbow, she would give it back, and we would have a little tussle in the middle of the meeting. Back then, I think it was cool because it was tolerated, the meeting just continued, and they could be a part right there in the middle of the main hall. I'm thinking now, it might not be tolerated. Shame. One time during meeting for service, Garnet cried out "Look!!! Dorothy's wearing panty hose!!" We used that line for years. RIP Garnet. You provided us great diversion during the boredom of the programs.

  • Heartbreaker

    I've read through all the experiences, and really the only two things stand out to me...most recent was an elder in the hall was on stage and his cell phone started to ring at his seat. He was a single older man, and his ring tone was Cyndi Laupers True Colors. It rang through the whole cycle because no one knew who it belonged to. He was really embarrassed.

    Back in the 70's a wild looking (to me as a child) hippie came in and sat on the front row. She had bell bottom jeans on that were SO WIDE, I'd never seen any that were so large before, but the rest of the jeans were super tight. She also had on a lot of necklaces, and a super low neckline shirt and a vest with fringe on it. Sunglasses and the whole thing. Meeting had already started, and she just walked down the front of the hall like she owned the was awesome. After the meeting she said her boyfriend was a trucker and she would have him pull over to the hall if it were a meeting night and she'd attend while he got some dinner, or made a delivery. She said she came down the ramp off the highway and jumped the fence. That was so rockstar! She ended up cleaning up, assimilating to the bOrg and marrying "in the truth". She's super boring now.


    A wonderful Freudian slip was made by a very young brother during an answer when he stated that the "Annointed were looking forward to immorality in the heavens" instead of immortality. Not many picked up on it - but those that did couldn't keep a straight face for the rest of the meeting...


  • d

    I once saw somebody having a seizure not too far from where I was sitting a couple years back

  • donnye

    An old brother in front of me fell asleep, and two elders picked him up by his chair, and carried him out. They must have thought he was giving a bad witness, being sent to sleep by the speaker. LOL

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