Your most memorable Kingdom Hall meeting disruptions!

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  • krejames

    We had a brick thrown thru the window and it landed in a middle-aged sister's lap. She wasn't hurt I think her bible protected her. Lol. As for the book study, I could write a book on the interruptions we had virty every week due to the freaky people assigned to our group.

  • Phizzy

    I haven't time to read the Thread, so may have posted this earlier in it, I know I have posted it before.

    It is the story of how my youngest fell asleep, when about 8 year old, in the Service meeting, all of a sudden he let out a terrific FART, the three or four rows of people around us fell about laughing, and the pompous, arrogant twat on the Platform assumed he had managed to make a funny !

    We still laugh about that fart to this day, perhaps my youngest was subconsciously expressing what he thought of the meeting, he stopped going altogether in his early teens.

    He still farts loudly though.

  • ShirleyW

    That's funny Phizzy, but my fave is the kid that shouted out Happy Birthday to her dad while he was giving a talk! Sounds like he's the type that says don't do this from the platform but does what he wants at home.

  • clarity

    Read this earlier but wonderful laughs again,

    on a Sunday morning. Thanks!

    Well, guess I've missed the Public Talk & will

    miss the Watchtower Study too.....haha just

    like I always do now!


  • mikeypants

    I was at an assembly in Woodland Hills, big white round building in Southern California. Anyway, right when they announced lunch a dude stood up towards the front and started yelling stuff about the watchtower and such. About 6 brothers ran down and carried him out to the street and sexually assaulted him.

    Okay, i made up the last part...part they did carry him to the curb. I was 6 or 7 and it was all very exciting to me.

    Oh, I remember seeing Lisa from Saved by the Bell there once too. I had a crush on her..not so much anymore.

  • Oubliette

    Hi MikeyPants, I was there too!

    You were just a little guy. I was in my mid-20s at the time. I remember it quite distinctly.

    It demonstrates well how that method of trying to reach those "still-in" is completely ineffective. It just reinforces the myth of the "evil apostate" stereotype that the WTBTS has made up.

  • mikeypants


    ha, I was wondering if anyone here would have been there and remembered that. Good to hear! Honestly, I don't see how he thought that would do anything.maybe those around or a little older than me could understand what he was saying. But yeah, it definitely reinforces the "see, evil apostate, we must have the truth" mentality.

    I also remember heading up to dodger stadium for a convention one year and apostates use to stand with signs on the roads to the gates. We had a big Chevy van and one of those days a dude was about a foot or so in the road waving a sign around. My dad swerved over and aimed for him and gunned it. My mom and sisters were screaming their lungs out as I was laughing. Anyway, the dude had two options. Get killed from a loving jdub or jump out of the way into the brush along the road. He chose the latter. Boy, my mom was pissed!

  • apostrate

    Back in the 1970's, I don't remember the subject of apostates being harped upon too much. I had heard of them being mentioned occasionally, but never gave too much thought to the subject.

    In the fall of 1978, I was in Irving TX at the KH in the back "secondary" part of the Hall, (there was a partition between the main auditorium and the back), where we were having our Tuesday Book Study. The elder who usually conducted was not able to be there that night so he asked a younger "brother" to fill in for him. This younger "brother" was probably in his mid to late 30's and seemed to be a bit "peculiar"(how peculiar do you have to be to be labeled as peculiar by a bunch of Jehovahs Witnesses?)

    Well, I was the reader for the night, so I was sitting in a chair right beside this "peculiar brother", let's just call him Brother P. I guess there were about 20 to 25 people in attendance that night, remember this is 3 years after 1975. About 10 to 15 minutes into the study, Brother P began to expound on the subject in the book, getting away from the actual content. Then he pointedly said that Jehovahs spirit does not work upon the individual JW's but only upon the Faithful and Discreet slave. We could only benefit from Jehovahs spirit by staying close to the F&DS.

    Well, that set off quite a heated argument as some of the "brothers" actually stood up and telling him he was full of ----! (Now, actually, in hind sight, what he was saying was TRUE! That is what is taught). But these "brothers", and one "brother" in particular, Brother S, were now engaged in a full blown argument, I thought it was about to break into fisticuffs!

    Brother S slammed his book down on the floor, screaming "You can't sit there and tell me that Jehovahs spirit doesn't work directly with me!!" then stormed out the door!

    I was just sitting there not knowing what to do, but after Brother S left I just looked over to Brother P and asked, "You want me to go ahead and read the paragraph now?"

    The meeting came to a premature end that night. Later I spoke with the elder who normally conducted the study. He said that he had already spoke with Brother P and that Brother P apologized, feeling that everyone was actually trying to say the same thing, there was just a big misunderstanding. I told him what I saw and that there was no misunderstanding, but I was told, "Yes it was, now drop it".

  • mana11

    Brother died 2 rows down, he was asleep during the talk but didnt wake up.

    Brother Attacking another brother in foyer just minutes before he was made a MS....

    Elder taking troubled sister to the private room, caught with her panties down as others walked in to clean

    I walked in to the second school to prepare it, a sister was bra & panties / naked changing, as the students were seconds away.

    Guy disfellowshiped walk out slammed the door and broke the front door glass.

    visitor came and wouldnt enter the front door, said that her friendly spirit on her shoulder said there was 2 angles with sords that wouldnt let her enter with her spirit.... Geez....

    pioneer wife sister conforting another wifes husband in back room because he was depressed, apparently they comforted each other all the time like a return visit, an anti depressant sadness love fest. one day they got serious in the back room turning the lights out, and the husband and wife got involved too. 4 some in the hall, i dont think they were even reproved.

  • GrreatTeacher

    In the 1970s when I was 6 or 7 years old I attended a hall with no air conditioning. One summer day it was so hot that they propped open the front double doors to try to get some airflow.

    A stray cat walked into the lobby, walked slowly up the right-hand aisle (there were 3 sections of seats), sniffed around the stage, and then slowly sauntered back by way of the left-hand aisle and back out onto the street.

    And, nobody did anything about it! This was a ten minute or so event that kept me thoroughly entertained. There was some subdued snickering, but, generally, most people pretended it wasn't happening.

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