huge announcement after the Watchtower study on the 27 of April?

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  • grassyknoll07

    A letter regarding convention hotel rooms will be read 3 times. April 27 will be the last time the letter is read to the congregation.

  • blondie

    This goes with the thread on how the rank and file are not being obedient still booking multiple rooms for their friends and cancelling and making hotels/motels not wanting to do business with the WTS.

    Imagine being told to return the luggage rack!

    *** km 4/07 p. 5 Follow the Christ by Manifesting Dignity ***

    Hotels: (1) Please do not reserve more rooms than will actually be needed, and do not have more people stay in your room than what is allowed. (2) If you must cancel your reservation, notify the hotel immediately. (3) Take a luggage cart only when you are ready to use it, and return it immediately so that others may use it. (4) Do not cook in rooms where cooking is not permitted. (5) Leave a tip for the housekeeper each day. (6) As Christians, surely we will not abuse any complimentary breakfast, coffee, or ice provisions that are made available for guests to use while they are at the hotel. (7) Display the fruitage of the spirit in dealing with the hotel staff at all times.
  • NewYork44M
    The Governing Body has decided to re-introduce the famous Convention Burrito to the hungry, loyal Witnesses.

    The convention Buririto is the best burritio ever. I may go back just for one last Burrito before Armageddon.

    And Blondie. No I will not return the Luggage rack to the front desk. I have found that the luggage rack can be converted into a bed so that I can stick one more unauthorized preson into the room. The more the merrier when I am cooking my garlic soup on the hotplate I always bring with me to the convention.

  • joebin

    Take our rooms, we need the extra cash.

    I think they'll let the r&f know they're having a huge garage sale in Brooklin.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I have it on good authority that Ted Jaracz is coming out of the closet.

  • blondie
  • whereami
  • Quandry

    (1) During the 2008 "Guided By God's Spirit" district conventions The Governing Body has decided to re-introduce the famous Convention Burrito to the hungry, loyal Witnesses.

    That is so funny.

    Actually, it is a very good idea. After eating two burritos, one is rendered unable to get out of their seat during the afternoon session, so no roaming the halls.

  • Dogpatch

    Randy, maybe someone is pulling your leg.

    5 pages of response??

    Sheesh, you guys have armegeddon on the brain! Could be my leg is being pulled. ! Probably 25% chance. Most of the time these are legit, but this one has no tracer to know anything. Jus passin' it on, varmints!

  • Dogpatch

    BTW I have no idea what the ANON meant other than what I posted.

    Y'all should know to look askance at my posts by now! LOL



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