Was a witness for 5 years, late 70's, early 80's. Got married right away, bad decision. Finally I ordered my own JC, told them I wanted out and had committed fornication. Tried to return a few times, just couldn't do it, couldn't stand the boredom of it all. One time (after 1 year of drudgery at the meetings)all I had to do to get reinstated was to go meet the elders of my older congregation which was a few hundred miles away, and voila! but never went. Talk about a waste of time..haha. I realized on the phone with the elder from my old hall that I really didn't want to be a witness, even if it meant that I'd be getting zapped, any time now, by the guy upstairs. Went back to university this year, I realized it's what I should have done from the start, but hey, we all make mistakes. I just love to get my brain in gear though. I'm not super smart but I can hold my own. The size of the universe amazes me and I wish I knew the answer to why I'm here. I don't believe I'll ever know, that's why I think we should live life to its fullest in a constructive way. We're not here for very long, sadly.