huge announcement after the Watchtower study on the 27 of April?

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    Well, I will let you know as I will be attending the meeting that day. Visiting relatives that are JW's so must go to keep up pretenses.

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    As Christians, surely we will not abuse any complimentary breakfast, coffee, or ice provisions that are made available for guests to use while they are at the hotel.

    Surely not! Isn't that one of the Ten Commandments: "Thou shalt not stuff extra sweet rolls and bananas down your pants at breakfast buffets."

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    free2beme sez:

    Time to drink the punch!!! That was in 1975, this time it's Fanta. smokin' okies!

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    Bring it on


  • watson
    garlic soup on the hotplate

    Big time LOL.

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    The Governing Body has decided to re-introduce the famous Convention Burrito to the hungry, loyal Witnesses

    mmmm. That might tempt me to go to the DC. It's been at least 10 years hasn't it? But I can still taste 'em. I've tried making them at home, but they're just not the same.


    This may surprise many what I am going to write about ! We live in the time that the new world order may finally come . The date is 2011 AD if you read my posts . And there is one contender to this prediction . Harold Camping from the Family Radio Stations,Inc. He is in my view the most gifted preacher of the Bible on the radio .

    He came up with the same date as me : the year 2011 AD and is against all organized religions while I am making an exception defending Jehovah's Witnesses as the legitimate christian organization that is in line with Luke 9.49-50 .

    There we read about two categories of Jesus' servants all who belong to the class of 144000 menservants -a bride of Christ. In the end-time we live there must be a remnant of this class and it covers one small group of servant being united and feeding its flock -Matthew 24.45.That reference can be understood in two ways .It can be about one person or one united group of servants. And Luke 9.49-50 is a clue.

    And note that one independent servant conludes the list of the 144000 chosen servants and he cannot be against that small group of servants.In other words being of different views that servant defends that group at the same time.

    Harold Camping is against Jehovah's Witnesses that are being fed with the teachings of the servants in their ranks who belong to the class of 144000 class.This fact alone disqualifies him though I am fascinated with his teachings and listen to His Open Forum programs.I see him as the most challenging opponent to my teachings.

    He is disqualified though he may be right as to the date 2011 AD .

    Ronald Weinland who claims to be the last prophet of God of Abraham in his book " 2008.God's Final Witness " is far behind Harold Camping and this year I believe he will fail in his prophecies he made for this year.He will be defeated badly .

    Jehovah's Witness have many teachings I could disagree with but yet they are still superior to all other organized christian religions.

    It is not,then , that they are faultless but that they make less mistakes in overall view than other christian groups. They fit the end-time timetable very well with their predecessors the International Bible Students who gave us the Watchtower and this name binds them together. And we must seek the dates that link both of them with the end-time chronology.

    No doubt the dates 1879 AD,1884 AD,1914 AD bear testimony that the extinct true christian faith in 150 AD was revived as these dates are the corresponding dates to : 7 BC,2 BC, 29 AD.

    You read about a child being born of a woman again as the Book of Revelation was given long time after Christ was born and died ?

    The dates 7 BC ,2 BC and 29 AD are linked to Christ's birth so the dates 1879 AD,1884 AD and 1914 AD are linked to the symbolic birth of Christ - so his presence was felt in 1914 AD spiritually and his presence is always in his servnats that belong to the class 144000.

    So,we can know now that in 1914 AD there had to be some servants of Christ from the class 144000 .Only the International Bible Students were linked to the idea of 144000 servants as the bride of Christ.In their ranks there were those who were from that class.

    fall 150 AD - fall 1878 AD had not seen any christian being from that class.So the salvation was halted and put on another special footing.

    The true christianty was reborn in the period 1879 AD - 1884 AD - 1914 AD but that was the beginning of the end-time era.

    There are better dates that come at the very last stages of the end-time era ! 1950 AD - 1984 AD - 1988 AD - 1991 AD - 1999 AD - 2004 AD - 2011 AD. These are the dates Daniel 12 can be applied and what was hidden up to the very end-time is coming into the light ! This is a sign we must live in the very end-time.

    When you read my posts note that nowhere the dates like 1233 AD,1468 AD, 1555 AD,1689 AD,1774 AD come out as dates to expect the end of the world ! The era begins with the year 1878 AD but it was the beginning of the long era ! If we know that 2000 years must pass since Christ for the end of the world to take place we get the first date 1994 AD for the first prediction of the end of the world ! All other earlier predictions with the one exception : 1991 AD can be put aside.

    If you read more note that I come up with the following predictions : 1991 AD,1994 AD,1999 AD,2000 AD,2001 AD,2004 AD,2005 AD and now have 2011 AD , 2012 AD, 2034 AD. The year 2011 AD is the first in line so it is obvious I must expect the end in 2011 AD.If it happens there will be no need to predict the year 2034 AD. Though I see that year also as the very important year in the end-time prophecies if the end comes in 2011 AD. The year 2012 AD is linked together with the year 2011 AD.

    What the announcement I wish they could publish soon ?

    Finally things become clear as never before : " We must be only a few years away from the God's Kingdom Coming in Glory ! "

  • megaflower

    Obves, you sure believe a bunch a crap. You are barking up the wrong tree on this board. We do not believe the JW doctrine. They are a cult-PERIOD!!!!

  • yknot

    Bringing back food.......has a big-shot at Sysco converted?

    Is GB Bro Jack heading to his heavenly throne? Emoticon

  • flipper

    OBVES and others- The big announcement is , " We, the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses and the remaining anointed have been informed that from this date forward , herewith, April 27, 2008 C.E. we are to be raptured up into the heavenly realm , along with our Swiss and off-shore bank accounts to serve as kings and priests with Christ our lord in Jehovah's presence. This marks the end of the generation - as we know it, and although it doesn't seem like the paradise has come yet - good luck to all you of the great crowd ! SUCKERS !!! " Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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