huge announcement after the Watchtower study on the 27 of April?

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  • boyzone

    If what you say is accurate JWR, then what will happen to the Service meeting?

  • tika

    Sounds like a ploy to boost attendance if you ask me.


    Book Study 25 minutes, School Ministry 30m, Service meeting, 35m

    Less one meeting every week

  • cinnamon1642

    So what talks do they plan to cut out of the TMS if it will only be 30 minutes, or are they just going to reduce the timing of some parts like the instruction talk and the highlights?


    Still donĀ“t know how it will be reduced the school ministry

  • cinnamon1642

    Are you able to reveal, is this to start January 2009?

  • garybuss

    Cool thread! Very clever! Witnesses will still be able to say: "No change! (sniff, scratch, stretch, fart) We still have 5 meetings a week."

    Hahahaha! Bookstudy ended for me 34 years ago. Ask me if I'm happy:-)

  • NanaR

    I can see that this might make it possible for more congregations to use a Kingdom Hall. The congregation where I used to attend had about half of the congregation bookstudies meeting at the Kingdom Hall rather than in a private home. Also, this way the congregation can control what kind of comments get tolerated at the bookstudy.

    Perhaps a shortage of elders could factor into it as well?

    Very interesting.

    Welcome, JWR.



    To start on January 2009

  • looking_glass

    I am still confused as to why they would make this announcement at a Sunday mtg. Unless it is just to say, make sure you are at the Theocratic Ministry School Meeting this next week. Cause the Sunday mtg is open to all, if there are new people there, this could possibly confuse them. And you know how JWs like to keep the general public in the dark about their stuff. Why not make this announcement at the TMS. Think about it, they generally don't make any type of announcements like these at the Sunday meetings.

    Again, I note that I have been out a while, and maybe they have totally changed their approach .... someone said that they were going to discuss the assembly hotel disobedience that was happening during the Sunday mtg as well. Again, this seems so strange. If you were a newbie going to the KH, wouldn't you think these people were crazy lemmings if they were being scolded for not going to assigned hotels. Wouldn't you wonder who was making money off of the command to go to specific hotels.

    Very interesting indeed!

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