huge announcement after the Watchtower study on the 27 of April?

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  • cabasilas

    I'm proceeding on with the understanding this is unconfirmed...

    Could part of the reason be financial responsibility in case of lawsuits? (Accidents at the home of a JW, for example?)


    It is confirmed information

    The book study will be done in the school meeting, every week

  • shopaholic
    I always thought the area book studies was an important part of keeping in touch with the rank and file membership.

    I could see them getting rid of group bookstudies and doing one congregational bookstudy. From what I remember, thats the least attended meeting. I went to one bookstudy group where 27 pubs were assigned and it was only about 5 to 7 people for the bookstudy. Every now and then we would get about 15 people. When I was at bookstudy held at a private home, we only got a lot folks on treat night.

  • cinnamon1642

    Are you able to elaborate at all as to if that meeting time will be extended to accomodate the bookstudy? Or will the bookstudy be done in a manner similar to the old 15 minute instruction talks?

    Remember before the school was redone in 2003 some instruction talk parts would include questions at the end. It seems to be a feasible way they could combine the bookstudy with the school, however if that was the pace it would take forever to consider an entire book. Perhaps they would not read paragraphs but just summarize the info and ask for comments on selected paragraphs.

    Any other insight you can provide without revealing your source would be appreciated.

  • TheListener

    An additional free night? I can't imagine the WTS will let that happen.

    I hope so. I'd love to have one more night to spend with my family, but....

    If they actually do roll the bookstudy into the school/service mtg. then they'll do something else on the empty night. I don't see them allowing everyone an extra night off.

  • blondie

    It is not new that the WTS has discussed in some form the material from the most recently released book for congregation study at the TMS. Historically in this area the least attended meeting was the service meeting. People would show up for their assigned talk and leave afterwards. Also, on the night of the review, much fewer would attend. If the book study is rolled into another meeting, I see it more as a function of there being fewer elders to conduct and fewer jws "qualified" to have it in their home. I was in one congregation that had only 2 out of 6 in homes and the other four had to jockey for times and days at the KH. The book study was a drag because few had read the material let alone pre-studied.

    But the book study has served as a close monitoring device for the elder body.

    If they do change the book study procedure, I doubt that any jws will publicly say anything. I can remember when the circuit assembly used to be 3 days, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, twice a year, then they cut out Friday, and then they changed it to only once a year cutting the second weekend back to one day and calling it "Special Day Assembly." Now if they added a day, there might be complaints.


  • cognac
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  • david_10

    I agree with Blondie on this:

    "But the book study has served as a close monitoring device for the elder body." The book study arrangement is a very powerful tool that the society uses and it's the main way of keeping tabs on everybody. Plus, they always say that when persecution breaks out, your book study group will be your first and probably only contact with the brothers. I just don't see them doing away with it.

    Also, it seems to me that this is the type of announcement that is made during the service meeting, not on a Sunday.

    To sum up: I think JWR might be pulling our leg a little bit, and I'm going to wait till next Sunday and see what happens.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I tend to agree with David on this.

    But this is the 'year of changes' isn't it, within the Watchtower organization? They are scrambling to make changes since the Kool-Aid magazine made it's debut. To dubs, changes, both inside the organization and 'on the world scene', are signs that 'the end is near'. Addtionally, there is not much excitement in the land of dubland, so changes keep people interested.

    If JWR is correct - thank you for the info. I am sure you will be a valuable member of the forum with such inside insights. If not - well we shall know soon enough, eh?



    There will be only 2 meetings week

    Both will have the same time - 1:45

    We will post here more information

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