Born in or Converted to JW? What are the stats here? and why....

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  • RubaDub

    3rd (or 4th depending on ones analysis) generation Dub here.

    I drink the Kool-Aid but follow it with a Scotch chaser.

    Rub a Dub

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I am afraid I joined up with a little pushing from my husband. I don't think I would ever have gotten involved completely on my own. It was a scary time in my life and I let them convince me that I could run away from my responsibility and into paradise. There are a lot of things you do to convince yourself not to think too much about all the flaws in their thinking.

    I do believe it would be scarier to leave if you were raised in the religion. I knew there was life outside the walls of the tower when I left. It was and is still hard to shake the program.

    I learned if it seems too good to be true, it certainly is and there is no us and them.

  • restrangled

    Born in 3rd grandmother convertered during the mid 1920's after being raised a 7th day adventist. (Lots of similarities by the way) Husband never converted.

    She believed she was never going to die, then 6 out of her 7 kids never believed they were going to die, their kids..(.consisting of 24 cousins), 3 died because of agent orange after serving as Marines in Vietnam...Their father in World War II as a Marine(her oldest child who hated the witnesses) The remaining 6 still believe they are not going to die which has produced the remaining 3rd generation of which, 5 believe they are not going to die....and the rest......were out!..... I believe that amounts to 16 granchildren that are out....and oh by the way it also includes at least 20 great grand children possibly exposed to the witness but never took hold, and now great great grand children who will never know the difference. How do you like that for history!


  • chickpea

    from my profile>>>

    i was baptized in the early 90's after studying with the dubs following the death of a much beloved sibling and the loss of an advanced pregnancy, less than a year apart.

    obviously i was vulnerable and desperate to believe that there was to be a resurrection.

    now, i can accept what might be the reality that life is meant to be ephemeral and i can live ( and die ) not knowing if this is all there is, but i can no longer let life get away from me, hedging on a bet that there is more to it than this!!

  • R.Crusoe

    I wrote you all a 200 word life thingy then deleted it!

    Here's the bones!

    No JWs family in!!

    Dad dies me aged 11 with 4 younger siblings!

    Mum has a study in her bereaved clubbing mode!

    Gran (now lost both kids(dad and brother)) also has a study = 35 yrs and never a meeting so she had it worked out!

    Me = left home and all my college friends & neighbourhood friends for good(rarely ever to see any again!)

    Married with kid aged19yrs and within 2 or so was JW (studied with exteacher (elder))

    I faded within 3/4yrs and supported family (4kids at 26) did a 4yr degree

    Kept the income up whilst my ex did her JW thing plus a science degree then a teaching PGCE!

    I always was amazed at how she was so keen to do the JW thing till she mooted about going to Africa for 6mnths with some college funding whilst me looks after 4kids and even an island up in Scotland for I dont know how long = Alrighty then = so now my hunch was reality = I was a stooge useful until disposeable! JW s were her escape from something for sure for half a dozen or so times a week whilst I kept house!!

    Basically the point of this is how I ended faded but supporting a WT infrastructure with a personal inner-self that had given up on its own existence and life pleasure for the benefit of those around I was responsible for - no matter whether that's how they perceived me or not! That was my reality just as when dad died!

    I'm sure lots of faded partners are kept in a similar state of 'body snatchers' comatose at a personal private level when supporting those still active. Ones who stay in at least seem to salvage something of a private enterprise lifestyle wise!

  • stillajwexelder

    converted in my 20s - I thought it was da troof

  • jwfacts

    Practically born in, I was 2 when my parents converted.

  • yknot

    My mother was criticized for having me "so-close" to Armageddon at the end of '73

  • JimmyPage

    Born in. Why? I wish I knew. Oompah!

  • startingover

    Born in. My father was also born in. Grandparents got involved in 1910. Out of their 6 children and their children, only one granddaughter and her children remain invovled.

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