Born in or Converted to JW? What are the stats here? and why....

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  • Switch

    I had about 8 birthdays/Christmases before my mom started studying (see my profile for more). I've always been quite a reader so she quickly got the Bible Story book in my hands, then started dragging me to meetings using lots of bribing of promised ice cream and lunches out. My brothers and dad were never readers so I grew up in a divided household. My mom has always been a control freak and downright scary. I love her but get along so much better with her after I moved out. There were lots of sisters that wore the pants in our KH too. My mom was VERY much the boss of the house and tried to force my dad to quit smoking, wouldn't let him rent R movies, gave HIM spending money, etc. It was ridiculous. I've been a good little lemming and listened to everything the society says until recently. Now I'm rapidly fading in just a few months.

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    Welcome Switch and good luck with your fade!

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