Born in or Converted to JW? What are the stats here? and why....

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  • wings
    So far we have 30 born/raised in, and 8 converted. So does this mean that the majority of converts are just much more faithful than born/raised in dubs? Or does it just mean that this religion has a lot more bred dubs than converts? ....................oompa

    Just think about your local congregation. More born in's than converts.

  • cognac

    Born in,..

  • ninja

    converted around 86-87.......ripe for the picking was I

  • MissingLink

    born in

  • Akira

    My mother began to study when I was 5 years old. She was baptized when I was 7. I was practically born in.

  • Hermano

    Born in.

    Just updated my profile.

  • IcingHeart

    Born in, unfortunately

  • DublDipd

    Born in. 3rd generation.

  • BFD

    Raised in by a glazed eyed zealous witness mother with a UBM from the age of 5, the 4th of 4 siblings, 1 younger. We were pretty much dirt in the congo. Stay alive till 75! Don't tell me it didn't happen. I may have been very young at the time but, I remember it.


  • dogisgod

    Born in. Mother studied when I was 8 mos old. Became very zealous. No more xmas, bdays, holidays. Very shocking to my father and older brothers. My dad tried to do the holidays but without her help or encouragement he gave up and would just give us kids money. We lost contact with our close family (all catholic) relationships. To this day when effort is made to contact them they don't respond. My dad had been a very athletic guy with bowling and baseball but soon she hounded him to give that up. I had to go to every meeting with her but "the boys" didn't always go. Mother is SHOCKED whenever she brings it up and they say they HATED the meetings. (Especially the one in prison). Dad eventually studied and even went in service but it really wasn't his comfort zone. (My mom describes it as a 'fear of man" although he was a lightweight boxer and capible of kicking ass) His big break was when I was raped by an apt mgr and the brothers came to hound me about it. I was crying. They were verbally pounding me. then my dad (about 73 yrs old) told them it was enough and they had to leave. The Overseer said, Mr. xxxxxx do you think a little old man like you could kick us two big young men out of this house? My father said let's just give it a try and if this is the kind of people you are I don't want to be associated with you. In return the CO said , 'if this is the kind of man you are we don't want you at our meetings!!!!"

    They stormed out of the house and my father never went to another meeting of which I felt tremendous guilt that I was responsible for my father's upcoming death at Armegeddon.

    I was baptized at an assembly I went to with a married couple who were pioneers. The night before baptism they asked me. "Who is going to survive Armegeddon and God's wrath" Answer, "the Great crowd.' "And how is one identified as being part of the great crowd?" 'By being baptized'. "If you are not baptized at the time of judgement then you are the same as those that reject god and therefore deserve to be destroyed". That scared me enough to get baptized without telling my mother and she was really pissed that she didn't even see it. I was 16 and knew that whatever much I did was not enough and "perhaps' getting dunked under the water MIGHT assure avoidence of a fiery end where my eyes would not melt out of their sockets and skin melt off my bones.

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