Born in or Converted to JW? What are the stats here? and why....

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  • *Incubus

    My mom dragged the family in when I was 6.I never bought the crap.I got baptised at 12 to make mom happy.I even reg pioneered to make her happy.And she was never happy.Her family had to be the most exemplary.I had weird taste in clothes.And while I could spew the "truth" like it was in my heart,I couldnt hide my disgust with the people themselves...

    I left the day I turned 17.Had limited contact with the folks until I got knocked up.Then I was an indecent person.Havent spoken to my mother in 3 years.If she sees me out and about she ignores me.

  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    My mother was brain washed and brought in, I was dragged in as a young child and

    now I am an undercover apostate.


  • hillbilly

    folks converted..I got drug in by association. Folks started studies when I was in grade 5... they were assimilated by my grade 7.


  • jaguarbass

    Born in. My mother was a JW when I was born. My father never fell for it. But I had to go to all the meetings and be a witness because of my mother.

  • lisavegas420

    My mom had been raised around the JW's. When she at 16 married my dad who was 29, my grandmother send the brothers over to study with them. My dad fell for it hook line and sinker, I was 2 years old.....Less than 8 years later they moved half way across the states "where the need was greater."



    Born in.(It is stated in my profile.) My dad "caught" the dis-ease first, witlessed to my mom and her family. This resulted in my mom and her whole family converting. Then dad married my mom and showed her what a hypocrite he was (alcoholic, womanizer, abuser). I was second born (6 bros, 0 sisters).

    Exit 1999. I started taking dance lessons and got involved with my dance partner --- and was seen in public by an elder's wife, and got disfellowshipped. Getting df'd was the "kick in the pants" I needed to get me to start living my own life. Once I read "Crisis of Conscience" I was well on the road to freedom and discovery of my true self.

    Still dancin'


  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    Good idea.

    And why not put on your JW-status as well. Active/DFed/DAed/fader


    3rd gen, born in, fader

  • sspo

    At 22 was brainwashed to beleive it was the truth.

    It took 32 years to realize i was in a cult.

  • bgurl81

    I was born to "worldly" parents, celebrated my first couple of Christmas' and birthdays. THEN my parents were contacted by the witnesses when I was 3. They studied, got baptized, and then rest is history. I was "raised" in the religion, but not born into it.

  • oompa

    So far we have 30 born/raised in, and 8 converted. So does this mean that the majority of converts are just much more faithful than born/raised in dubs? Or does it just mean that this religion has a lot more bred dubs than converts? ....................oompa

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