Born in or Converted to JW? What are the stats here? and why....

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  • wings

    I'll work on putting it on my profile. I converted, age 34, but I was held at gun point, and because I'm not allowed to own to this more than once a day, it wasn't my fault. Just so you know.

  • yesidid

    Born in.

  • Hope4Others
    It seems like most posters have NO profile

    What if it were both born in and converted? What if your mom was converted when you were very very small and your dad was extremely

    opposed? What if your mother was forbidden to teach or take the children to any meetings what so ever? What if you never actually learned jw stuff till 12?

    What does that make you born in or converted?

    Well I'm still contemplating how much I can actually tell anyone.


  • oompa

    Hope4, even 12 is still a darn impressionable age to start soaking in religious oddities from a cult or even a mainstream faith. I would think the constant tug and pull from your parents would have been a very confusing nightmare. Too bad your dad did not win out in full. How far did you you go in making a faith decision, and how do get along with each parent now?............((((hope4)))).............oompa

  • garybuss

    I was born in. My family didn't become active with meetings and service until I was 7, then it was gung ho, bar the door Katie.

    My socialization and the path to my eventual exit at age 30 was the public school system and the secular employment environment. My biggest deterrent to staying a Witness was the Witness people. The steady stream of disconfirmations for me were readily supplied by the Watchtower magazine and other Society mass produced literature.

    The best thing I have seen the Witnesses do in my life was the implementation of the elder arrangement, whereby the unqualified quickly rose to their own level of incompetence. The program has had a challenging effect on the non-Witness communities, in that by promoting the defectives and keeping them busy, the Witnesses have deprived more than a few municipalities of their village idiots.

  • R.Crusoe

    GB - amazing what society has had to go without due JW interference?

    You just reminded me of Sir John Mills in Ryans daughter (though I fix him in Hobsons Choice by childhood memory - and sorta have an essence of his life being lived through a golden age in England though how could it with war etc- but I digress)

    So elders were quickly snapped up from local villages eh? Better watch out for that!

  • oompa
    Garyb: by promoting the defectives and keeping them busy, the Witnesses have deprived more than a few municipalities of their village idiots.

    LMAO!!! Good one man, I never thought about the outside social benefits..................oompa

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "So elders were quickly snapped up from local villages eh?"

    Yes! A test is given and if the man fails he qualified as an elder.

  • Layla33

    Born in, second generation, my grandparents converted in their 20's.

  • WTWizard

    No profile often means one less thing for Brother Hounder to use to verify us. Yes I was recruited--and they took away my chances to ever have a family to raise in the cancer. I guess they had their mystical hopes up too high that I would be the one to bring the cancer worldwide and bring in the Second Dark Ages.

    So much for that--I turned apostate.

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