I hate the Watchtower but I really still hate the Trinity Jesus is NOT God!

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  • sacolton

    I always imagined God as a pitcher of water. When you pour out that water into another glass - it's still the same water. So, Jehovah God is like dynamic energy as a spirit. One thing that people seem to forget is that spirit form is vastly different from physical form. I don't think our imperfect minds can comphrend what Jehovah's being is like. Jesus was talking to people from 4 BC - I would imagine their intelligence was somewhat to a 8 year old today. He spoke in parables to help them understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. Try to imagine explaining nuclear fussion to someone in 4 BC ... get the idea? Jehovah God may be in a 4th dimension or something that our minds just can't understand ... like trying to comprehend something that has no beginning or no end ... it's just all too confusing. So, I think Jesus and Jehovah are ONE of the same. Jesus is God and with God.

  • tijkmo

    I disagree with you. Just because you do not understand the trinity does not mean it is not so So by that logic "Just because you do not understand evolution, does not mean it is not so"
    and just because something is inexplicable...doesn't make it true tijkmo of the the enemy of my enemy is still not necessarily my friend class and to whoever said it (i think it was burn the ships)...the bible does say that jesus was created

  • MOG
  • real one
    real one

    please someone correct me if im wrong but who does believe in evolution? Scientist cant prove it. There is more evidence of creation that big bang, come on

  • real one
    real one

    jeffrey how am i wrong?

  • real one
    real one

    Big bang- everything just happened or a tad pole crawled out of a pool and turned into a human

    Creation- everything has a creator, God

  • Zico


    The Trinity is far from the only sticking point for me. ;) I appreciate your links though. As far as I know, Christadelphians do not allow a relationship with Jesus, in a similar way to the Jehovah's Witnesses. That is definitely an 'unbiblical teaching' whether Jesus happens to be a part of a Trinity or not.


    I disagree with your cut and paste explanation of John 20:28. It wasn't directed to the father:

    In answer Thomas said to him: “My Lord and my God!”

    Note Thomas was speaking to Jesus, and answered HIM. You'd have to add to the verse to have him directing 'my God' at the Father. Also, Jews did not have an equivalent to the Modern English exclamation of 'My God' or French 'Mon Dieu' so I doubt it would be an exclamation of surprise. This explanation again however fails to take into account that it was a statement directed at Jesus.

    "if the author interpreted Jesus' silence to be his approval of this claimed testimony, then John would have written "that ye might believe that Jesus is the Almighty God" and not "that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ...""

    That's quite an assumption Mog, why should John have wrote that? Being the Christ wouldn't rule him out from being "Almighty God"

    Real one,

    This thread has nothing to do with evolution.

  • real one
    real one

    tell Tijkmo that!

  • MOG


    I can understand your stance on MY LORD and MY GOD..I see what you are saying - just remember he calls him THEOS (GOD), not HO THEOS (THE GOD - big difference here) ..

    the best I can come up with right now is that JESUS is GOD (theos) just not GOD THE FATHER (HO THEOS)..there are many verses of which Jesus can be referred to as GOD (never THE GOD or GOD THE FATHER), just that you have to prove - IN TRINITY THEORY - all 3 being 1..

    once again - where do you hear GOD THE FATHER call JESUS HIS GOD, and where do you find the HOLY SPIRIT THE GOD..

  • lovelylil

    Why would anyone hate the trinity doctrine? It is not essential for Christians to believe this. I've struggled with this teaching myself. It took me over a year to be fully convinced in the divinity of Christ, but like others here, while I believe Jesus is God, I do not believe he is God the father. And I am still struggling as to how the Holy Spirit fits in. There is not enough in the NT explaining the the triune nature of God. At least from my perspective. But again, its not an essential doctrine because it was not even decided upon until the 4th century. Christ knows those who belong to him and that is sufficent to me. Peace, Lilly

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