I hate the Watchtower but I really still hate the Trinity Jesus is NOT God!

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    Village Idiot2 days ago

    When I think of the Trinity I'm amused by the fact that the "Holy Spirit" has no personality whatsoever.

    I'm not wanting to pick on you VI, just want to bring some scriptures to light that contradict your position. It is my opinion [and many others] that the Holy Ghost has the attributes of a person and does have a personality.

    The HG [Holy Ghost] is referred to as 'HE' through out the scriptures. He loves [Rom 15;30], he teaches [Luke 12;12], He has impulses[John 16;13] He appoints and calls to ministry [Acts 13;2] He thinks [Acts 15;25,28] can be blasphemed-worth mentioning that only God can be blasphemed [Matt 12;31,32], He pleads [Rom 8;26,27] and longs or yearns [James 4;5] He can be insulted [aside from these types of OPs] [Heb 10;29] and he agrees [1John 5;7,8]. All of these types of things are the attributes of a person and not a force. For example, you can't offend a force, but you can a person. Someone who thinks, loves and guides must have a personality as opposed to simply being an active force. In my kinda humble opinion.

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  • Crazyguy

    The trinity was pushed by the Catholic Church and the earlier Eastern Orthodox Church the church of the Roman state. What people dont realize is the whole thing is stolen from Egypt. The Catholics exalt Mary about as much as the son Jesus. One of the last trinities of Egypt was Osiris Isis and Horus but there were trinitys going back before, as well as ones in Mesopotamia. Christianity is in large part a copy of the Egyptian religion.


    I wonder how long the Egyptian trinity lasted? Imagine that the Catholic church copied another faith, yet has fruits that no one has ever given the world ever before or since....weird

    The Catholic church has been running for 2000 yrs now. Jesus said that he would be with HIS church until the end of the age. He stated that not even the gates of hell would prevail, but he never said that the gates of hell would not try though.

    it's a head scratcher isn't it

  • pale.emperor

    Whenever i read the bible it's abundantly clear to me that Jesus is not god. But then the bible is a mass of contradictions and fairy tales so who cares what it says?

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