Thinking of becoming a Witness again and my reasons for doing so :(

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  • sinis

    I think I find everyone comments fair and well thought out accept possibly sinis's yours have me wondering if I said the same things were done by witnesses you say 'those terrible people' but because I say they happenned from people not witnesses you say 'it's my fault' hmmm.

    Other posters are right and I am up-front in my feelings of temptation to go back to JW's atm but i'm not jumping head first because i'm suspecting my motives after recent unhappinesses, so hense why my sister said post on here and get some real info.

    For those that mention trying other christian faiths, I have certainly tried but I just can't get past the Cross 3=1 thing I researched and researched it, it just isn't biblical. One thing I will say is I love the bible :) I just find christianity cannot live upto it :( even ghandi saw this and he didn't believe in God!

    First off, the lot we make in life is a reflection of not only who we are but who we hang out with. I do stand by the premise that the things you have described are atrributed to who you hang out with, thus, boiled down the problem becomes yours and yours only. Granted, the nicest person, who may have been a friend for years, can turn on someone. Yet you list several relationship issues that raise red flags. In my opinion it is who you hang out with, or makes friends with, which ultimately reflects upon YOU. YOU control the situation.

    As far as witnesses or "worldy" people, I do not differentiate - they are one and the same - people prone to mistakes and gullibility. In the end, YOU, I, US make the decisions that we make and ultimately control the outcome of life. Failures in relationships? Hmmm, perhaps you are gravitating towards men who are not really stable or have the "bad boy" look? That never works...

    As far as religion, its a mental crutch used for those that cannot accept reality. As blunt and as harsh as that may sound, it is reality.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If anything your scriptures show that paul lived and breathed preaching he went into a city preached openly then onto peoples homes who were interested sent out followers who also preached everywhere, if anything door to door work is too narrow, is more what your arguement is pointing out?

    The christians in the past took preaching seriously hense why christianity is so widespread now?

    As Isaac pointed out again, door-to-door is not wrong. It is just not a mandate from Jesus.
    I didn't even get into who Jesus was commanding with the words "Go therefore.." Was that
    a mandate for all mankind that accepted his teachings? That's for you to decide.

    You make a good point in the quote above. I would assume any organization that swears that
    it represents God would recognize that the preaching work should be lived and breathed, and
    not as limited to a 19th and early 20th century method as door-to-door. They abandoned
    sound cars and radio, but their website doesn't reach anybody, they don't advertise their faith
    the way Mormons do. If the end is imminent, they should not worry about making a profit on
    their literature, but should spend all in an advertising blitz of the world. (But maybe the end isn't
    as imminent as they claim.)

    I am not going to keep trying to convince you that WTS is wrong. Feel free to go back, but you
    will see for yourself if it was a good idea. I still worry that you need a good therapist before they
    tear you to shreads in a Judicial Committee meeting. If you are unsure about WTS, don't just
    browse Ray Franz's books or links on the internet. Your everlasting future is at stake. Read them
    just as much as they tell you to read their literature.

  • Guest39

    If you are still reading, I caught this comment from you a few pages ago: "What really lets down the thought of all christian faiths leads to God is the diversity of what they believe a lot of which simply isn't from bible origin. Does a faith have to be answerable to God if they preach or practise something non-biblical?" You might want to see if that "preach/practise something non-biblical" applies to the Witness, as well.

  • LayingLow

    If you would allow me, I would recommend doing more research before you go back. I could never make the choice for you nor would I. However, I think there are many things to be considered and if you're not quite clear on the paradise earth/ end times teachings you may want to consider researching them among other things in more depth before you would return.

    Any group that would have you read a plain scripture from the Bible and then say "Oh, that only applies to the anointed," needs to be scrutinized before you let that teaching slide under the radar and accept it.

    Do you have a copy of the New World Translation Bible Concordance (Not the abridged one in the back of the Bibles, but the actual burgundy bound copy)? Or do you have the Watchtower CD?

    Please let me know because I think just doing a search in either on the word "Union" could really demonstrate how pronounced a divide in teachings believing certain scriptures only apply to the 'anointed can make.

  • whoknows

    If preaching was a "command" as JWs teach it is, why is it never mentioned on the list of qualifications to be a ministerial servant or elder? How much time brothers spent evangelizing was NOT a consideration in qualifying one to be an elder or MS. In the Org I sometimes think it is the only thing that matters. Also, in the book of Titus Paul has direct counsel to women "to love their husbands, to love their children, to be workers at HOME", etc. Why no mention of door to door work or pioneering??

  • darkuncle29

    You've had an eventful life, with alot of pain. The 'broken people picker' comment seemed to offend you, I don't think that was the intent, but to me your reaction means that that is close to the target issue. My sister has been alot like you in her life since she was a child. She would come home from school with a new 'best friend' and within a week, they'd be fighting and causing trouble. This happened repeatedly. Of all the kids on the playground, why would she always pick the absolute worst? She also seemed to never learn the lessons from past mistakes. It is sad.

    I think therapy would be very helpful, as would exploring other spiritualities.

    This is the problem guys...i'm not dissilusioned with Jw's my exploration of other Christian faiths had led me to realise that problems/failings are similar for all of them that got established.

    As I already mention, why stick with only 'christian' belief systems? I would recomend for you to stay away from any other Abrahamic based religion. But what about Bhuddism? Taoism? Or just meditation?

    I'm right now reading "The Power of Now" and just read "A New Earth". The latter is on the OPrah book list, but despite that they are both very interesting reads.

    Good luck in what ever you do.

  • joanne_

    "Reniaa, you're an interesting gal to know. I hope you stick around a while and keep questioning, questioning"

    Yes I will say that you are really thinking serously with all this and that is good. Do what is right for you and with all the questions and concerns it will take time. Won't happen overnight, but that is good. Being at peace with ourselves takes alot of time. Because we have to be certain in our heart of what is right for 'us'. I wish you well, and keep us posted on your journey. :)

    whoops!! cannot get rid of the highlighting...LOL


  • free2beme

    Do what pleases you and do not always make decisions in your life by committee

  • berylblue

    FIRST OF ALL - sorry about the formatting; I have Firefox and the IE toolbar would not install. Oh, I absolutely tried to do the right thing as a Witness. My goal was never to go to the KH empty handed; I brought home made goods and gave money to others anonymously, even though I could not afford it. I gave clothing that I NEEDED away to those I perceived as more needy. My friends were always there for me - as long as they could count their time. As a basket case, the PO determined that any time spent with me could be counted as service. The minute I was announced my good friends, who never shied from my generosity, literally turned their backs. WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE.... I may not have any close friends now, but my JW friends weren't really close to me, as I could never open up to them the way I have been able here AND I certainly don't have anyone in my life who would accept my generosity and then f me over in a New York minute because the WTS says so.

  • oompa

    renaii....good god this is a damn popular you have touched many people with your thoughts....

    I can not read them all tonight...not even the ones after my last post....but it warms my heart to see that so many people you do not know, and who will never judge you care so much to share what they really want you to can not do that in can only say what you know what they will APPROVE of you saying......................that is sad.....that is a fear that should not be..............oompa

    and yes this makes me cry now

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