Are "you all" morons OR am I the moron?

by Victoria Cruz 118 Replies latest jw friends

  • jayhawk1

    bboyneko, my cat is a moron too. It's name is

    "Hand me that whiskey, I need to consult the spirit."-J.F. Rutherford

  • ring

    hi victoria,
    dont let some of these posters scare ya, I think your great!!!
    I've noticed on this board that if you dont agree with the senoir posters,they attack instead of being open minded.I was a JW years ago
    and I think the UN thing is bogus. I compare it to the fact that i was a JW when I turned 18, and had to register for the draft.My name is on a list now being held by the goverment.Does that make me part of the military? no. it was the law that i register. I see the UN thing no different.Anyone who was ever a JW knows the WBTS is not part of the UN. The same way I'm registered for the draft, but not part of the military

  • Mulan

    .......and how old are you now? Geeez! Who is the moron?

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "Those who know, don't say, and those who say, don't know."

  • COMF

    Anyone who was ever a JW knows the WBTS is not part of the UN.

    My god, you're stupid.

    if you dont agree with the senoir posters,they attack instead of being open minded.

    Openmindedness as demonstrated by you in the quoted sentence above, right?

    Sometimes there's just no point in reasoning with them.

    COMF... wondering who forced the WBTS to "register for the draft" with the UN

  • Victoria Cruz
    Victoria Cruz

    Holy SHIT... I have like 40 emails regarding this little shitty post! For Michael,... it's Loreal 50 I'm a hairdresser it's my biz to know. I have been every color. Red was my favorite because guyz wanted to know if I had a copper crotch.
    Anywayz, what I did today is I sat my cousin who is a witness and called the UN and the WT legal department. I recorded it. So she heard for herself what was said. I figure that would be the best way to find out. To many dipshits on here to try to find the correct info. Excluding a few such as mommy, nelly, seigs ect.

  • larc


    There are several differences between you registering for the draft and the WT joining a UN sactioned organization. First, you are required by law. The WT was not required by law. By you joining the draft does not require you to support the ideals of the military. By contrast, the WT had to agree with the ideals of the NGO they joined. Since they did not have to join the NGO, why did they, when they have referred to religions who do so as the whore who rides the back the beast, the UN.

    ring, you paint with a very wide brush when you say that senior posters attack people not issues. I am the second most senior poster, based on number of posts. Do you consider my remarks to you or anyone else to be a personal attack?

  • ring

    To COMF,
    excatly what i meant, you disagreed with what i said, and you resorted to name calling. that is not keeping an open mind.
    you didnt try to discredit my response as larc has tried to do.
    I spoke, you attacked, i see how this board works.

  • tdogg

    No Vicky babe you are the moron!

    Vicky: No you are!

    Everbody else: No you are!

    Vicky: Twat!

    Everbody else: Are you for real?

    Vicky: A-holes!

    Everybody else: Umm?

    Vicky: You all suck and I hate you because I am smart and you're not.

    ME: YOU are the weakest link! Goodbye.

  • ring

    larc, i think you responed with reason unlike the first(attack) responce to my post. my point was, that everything in this country
    at some point has to be registered so the goverment can keep tabs, so to speak on it.As far as senoir posters doing personal attacks, reread these three pages,they are full of personal attacks on other posters.

  • larc


    I agree with you that there were personal attacks. You and Victoria have every right to call someone on this when they do it. I have called people on it myself on occasion. Again, I think it is better to address a particular poster rather than label senior posters as a group.

    If you go to the top of this page, you will find a section called stats. If you click on there, you will see a list of the most active posters. I just reviewed this list. Of the top 20 posters, 15 never attack or only attack if extrem attacks are made on them. There are only five who attack with slight provocation.

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